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Educational Baby Toys

About Meena:

This is Meena from Educational Baby Toys, I had done my 6 month certification courses in Early Childhood Education which was offered within our community in the year 2009, beside my Accounting Diploma.

I have 13 years of experience as a mother. I am a mother oAbout Meena Educational Baby Toysf two adorable children who are perfectly trilingual and going to school, now they are obtaining beautiful numbers. They have been growing up playing with numerous Educational Baby Toys, listening and learning in multiple languages as early as new born. I have experienced the benefits of getting engaged my babies with the right tools at the very right time and getting the fruit of their success at school with their yearly results and high numbers and scores.

My goals – Educational baby toys


Through this website I would like to help our worldwide Moms and Dads in finding the best educational tools for their babies in order to facilitate them by setting their children’s mindset towards education and growth.
These little adorable babies are the Heroes of tomorrow; therefore, we need them well-educated. Our world needs them grown wise and make it a peaceful, beautiful, loving and caring world. An ideal world where there will be only love and values for the humanity.

————Build their values based on pluralism and humanity!————-

New discoveries about myself:

During the Pandemic, I had been laid off from my 9-5 job. I discovered about the creative side of my brain, and I realized that not only am I a creative writer but also good at visual arts. This happened to me when I was spending days in researching, meditating, self reflecting, and concentrating on self improvement. I realized that meditation is in every second of my life, in every single task that I do, and where ever I go.

I have been doing intermittent fasting for the last two years and have lost 23 lb (10 Kg). As a result, I have written a content which is about (How to Lose Weight After the Delivery of a Baby), in which I have also mentioned about leaving enough time gap in between each meal we serve. From this explanation, I meant intermittent fasting.

Meditation and intermittent fasting causes self consciousness; doing so, we become more conscious about our body and it’s different functioning. When I say meditation, I mean by that not only in setting hours silently and closing our eyes, but also what I found from the word meditation was doing each and every task deliberately and meaningfully, to do good for yourself, your loved ones, your environment, have pure intentions and pure love for everyone. Do not think of harming any individual in any ways or means. Being humble, honest, generous, self disciplined, self respect, integrity, dignity, kindness, love, spirituality, humanity, morality, truth, and purposefully choosing simplicity over being materialistic, are the real meaning and outcome from our meditation.

What was the purpose behind the content (How to Lose Weight After the Delivery of a Baby)?

Majority of people, especially, in US and Canada are suffering from obesity. They are trying different ways, and most probably different medications to lose weight, but luckily, I found the cure. I mean I found how to get rid of all those baby weight. This is the cure not only for mothers who want to lose weight after the delivery, but also other people who are suffering from obesity.

Feelings of the need in improving the Mathematical thinking, and problem solving side of my brain:

I have met people in the past whose presence had a hug impact in my life. Those were people who brought the best in me, and thought how to trust myself and have faith on myself. After that, I decided to return to studies and fulfill my childhood ambitions. One of which was going to University. I am in the journey of fulfilling my dream of becoming a more educated person. Therefore, I have started my University studies since January 2021. For the next few years, my main goal will be developing the Mathematical side of my brain cells. I am positive that this skill and ability will serve myself, my family, and the society very well, by the grace of the Almighty.

In the end, I will let you read all the contents, and find out more from the rest of contents. Thank you very much for navigating to my website. I appreciate your time. I hope you find all the contents useful, helpful and like it; moreover, If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

All the best,


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