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AlphaViril™ is Dr. Sam Robbin’s recommended supplement. It is recommended for ages 21+ adults. I would love to talk about this supplement specially to our parents as I know that parenting is a challenging duty and responsibility which requires too much patience, focus and attention. It is basically for anyone who would like to live a healthy, specially happy life.

Yes, indeed! You have heard it very right that it is recommended for those who would deeply like to live a happy life. Stick with me, I would like to reveal a secret by telling you about obtaining inner happiness and how AlphaViril supplements boost your happy Harmons.

Not only that, I would also like to let you know about all the other health benefits of AlphaViril™ in short 5 minutes.

How to be truly happy in life? Where does the true happiness come from? How to remain happy beside all the obstacles of life?

Most of the time we come up with so many questions in mind similar to above one’s regarding obtaining inner happiness. Personally, I think that happiness comes from our inner selves as to how our Harmons play an important roll in our happiness. There would be nothing, no one, no place in this universe which could make us happy IF we are not happy in the inside (heart and soul).

Now the question comes, how to remain happy in the inside?

I believe it is by knowing ourselves, who we truly are! How our body is functioning? Which Vitamins cause our body to function healthily?

When it comes to answering these questions we really have to know our body type and the need of Vitamins in our body. As, each person’s body type differs from one to another. We are all created differently.

As human beings we are always in search of happiness outside and elsewhere. We might not meditate, we might not offer gratitude, we might not spend time alone (ONLY and ONLY with ourselves thinking deep down and self reflecting).


If we are happy in the inside, we feel strong, we feel like no one on earth could ever break us. We feel like no one’s negativity could ever bother us. We feel like we spread out happiness wherever we go and whoever we meet.

Then, we feel like the magic happened and the only person who knows that is you OR us because we reflected within ourselves and we think with our intellect not with our brain organ only.

What are the health benefits of AlphaViril™?

Each person’s energy level is different and hugely depends on the presence of the good level of vitamins in their body. One of the good example of those Vitamins could be found in AlphaViril™.

AlphaViril™ is a doctor formulate solution that optimizes youth Hormones (increasing total & free Testosterone) while minimizing “negative” Hormones (Estrogen, DHT, prolactin).

Bellow are some other health facts about AlphaViril™ beside increasing youth hormones and decreasing the negative ones.

AlphaViril™ helps promote following:

  1. higher libido
  2. bigger muscles
  3. less belly fat
  4. better blood flow
  5. increased energy & vitality
  6. decrease of stress Hormones
  7. anti aging
  8. hair loss prevention
  9. improves mood
  10. improves happy hormones


Here in the video below which I have shared with you, Dr. Sam Robbin is explaining in his own words about the benefits of AlphaViril™.




Guys – Would you like to increase your testosterone & balance Estrogen, DHT, Prolactin and other hormones? Try this doctor-formulated solution – a 21+ year proven track record, scientifically validated to work 30 days or less. **Increase My Testosterone**

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask them down bellow in the comment section.


Feel energized and focused


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10 thoughts on “AlphaViril-Boost your happy Harmons

  1. I’ve never heard of AlphaVirirl. Is this something new on the market? I normally don’t take supplements but, this one sounds interesting. Especially, after learning all the things that AlphaVirirl helps improve. Is this supplement just for men? Or is it for women as well? How many times a day do you take this pill? Or should I say how many pills would one take a day? Do you know if there are any side effects from taking this pill? Just curious…

    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

    1. Hello Lakisha,

      If you watched the video which was done by Dr. Sam, he was suggesting it for men over 21. To me it looks like a vitamin pill so I think yes. Women could take it too. You could also ask your pharmacist if you want to make sure wither it is for women as well or not. 

      I don’t think there would be any side effects as Dr. Sam didn’t mention it either on the video. As far as I know, all the vitamin pills are recommended to be taken until one pill per day. 

      Thanks for the comment. Hope it helps!

      Kind regards,


  2. This is an interesting topic.  I know this is for men but I like how you describe the health benefits.  I read an article recently that testosterone is an important hormone for men and women.  If the testosterone is low, you can have sleep issues, low libido, and mood swings.  This sounds like it will help with overall men’s health.

    1. Hello Chris,

      Yes, I do agree about the fact that testosterones are for both men and women. Beside this, there are many other benefits in terms of health. Such as increase in red blood cells and fat burning process. I am hoping you had gone through the video of Dr. Sam as well but if not, I would suggest you do so as I found it very informative.

      Thank you for the read through and the comment. I appreciate your input.

      Kind regards,


  3. I like how this was addressed towards parents and specially mothers. 

    It’s crazy how overwhelming and stressful bringing a person into this world can be and have a resource to turn to to keep things balance and your mental health in the right place is great. 

    Keep it up, a lot of parents could use this and are looking for it.

    1. Hello Dash,

      Thank you very much for the read through and leaving a comment. I appreciate your time. I am glad you liked it.

      I believe parenting is a full time job. As a mother, now a days we have to work outside home to gain some money for paying out the bills, besides we would have to accomplish all those tasks which we need to perform being a mother. So now a days, mothers work both inside and outside home which is a double shift job for the whole year.

      If we try to remember the old times, men used to work outside and women used to take care of the household chores and the children. 

      Now a days, there is more stress on Moms. Specially those Moms who work both outside home and inside. Thinking of which, when I came up with Dr. Sam Robin’s recommendations for fitness and healthy living; I decided to write this post keeping in mind all the benefits this Vitamin Pills have to our body and overall health. 

      I believe I am not alone in the way I see things in this particular situation. Maybe, some other parents and or readers will also come up with the same way of thinking and I am hoping that this post and recommendation would be helpful to them.

      I wish good health and happiness to all the parents,


  4. This could be a good product if you are feeling tired all the time although I do think our busy lives and bad habits have a lot to do with that. I think everyone needs vitamin supplements to make sure that we are all getting the nutrients that we need. AlphViril sounds like a perfect vitamin for young busy people. I was wondering if it is all-natural?

    Everyone is looking for more energy these days.

    1. Hi Lily,

      Thank you very much for coming back to visit this site. Thank you for the comment. 

      Sure, I could see that as life gets busier and busier day by day; our demand for staying healthy grows more as well. Today’s food is not organic either. There are so much chemicals added in them. We are missing the biologic food and in this case we need to replace it with biologic vitamins. 

      Absolutely agreed with you, Lily! Everyone needs more energy to produce more amount work. Specially, in todays busy life.

      Kindest regards to you,


  5. Thanks for sharing about how can  AlphaViril boosts man’s happiness in increasing the youth hormones and decreasing the negative ones. 

    I also heard Doctor Robbin recommended it for men after 40 because aging decreases hormone secretion. But I also read that testosterone is good for women, especially adult ones.

    But my question is, is it applicable for people being supplemented with thyrin 50 and prednesone 5? With a big part of pituitary gland truncated for pituitary tumor.

    I know my question is quite sensitive for health, but can you possibly ask Dr. Robbin, being an Endocrinologist and the formulator of AlphaViril?

    I will appreciate your answer. You can reach me at my email address in case you were able to ask Dr. Robin?

    1. Hello Rose,

      Thank you for the read through. I appreciate your time and comment. I forwarded your question and am waiting for the response. I will write you back, when I receive his response. 

      Kind regards,


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