Baby Developmental Toys

Baby Developmental Toys

Baby Developmental Toys: 

Here are some questions answered, most of us may have as parents.

1. What happens if your baby does not find the right toys at the right age?

Importance of Baby Developmental Toys:

Babies always need the (Baby Developmental Toys) which must match their age group. Different toys are designed in special ways and produced for different purposes with different objectives as to what development it could lead to, when it comes to your baby’s growth.

Babies DO need non stop stimulations in different age groups, different stages through different objects, tools, toys, books and physical activity toys to make them move, run and jump and remain engaged through out the day. Mentioned activities if preformed regularly, the more they grow better chances are they become skillful and successful as grown ups.

2. Why babies do not show interest in their old toys?

Varieties of Baby Developmental Toys:

As they grow up, the need of their senses as to grasp their attention also changes. As they grow, they become smarter with their senses which is very normal and the way it should be. You may find it a bit surprising to see that your baby does not play anymore with the toy that you just bought him a few weeks ago and the baby doesn’t show interest. This is very normal YES within some weeks the capacity of how and with what to grasp their attention could change with the passage of time. So as they grow, they need new and more advanced varieties of Baby Developmental toys and tools to play.

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3. Does that mean they need more challenges?

Baby Developmental Toys
Developmental Toys

Yes, absolutely! They DO need challenges with the help of your engagement as well as their educator or teacher’s. In fact smart babies love challenges.

Through your encouragement, support and engagement they will become challenge lovers when they grow up as adults. This is a very awesome way to make them adapt how to get out of their comfort zone and how to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life.

Babies who are brought up in this way will never back down in life. Chances are that the word NO or I don’t know how to do it, or NO I CAN’T will not even exist in their dictionary. They will not be afraid of the change. They will not be afraid of trying new things out. They will truly believe in themselves, in their capabilities and they will be good self seekers and self finders eventually. Yes, you heard it right, self seekers will finally be self finders once they succeed in the journey of finding the answers to their questions. Who they are? What is the purpose of their life? What is the one or if lucky many things that they are born to do it and is in their blood.

4. Does that mean your babies need more advanced staff to be exposed as their age increases?

Babies are very smart because their brain process is much much more faster than us adults. They are best language learners, best in mathematic and all similar knowledge if exposed to. Therefore, from this very little age we must give them some challenges to engage their mind and help in the stimulation of their brain process. Their brain needs only and only stimulation at the right age with the right materials, toys, tools, music, audio books in different languages, indoor and outdoor products for engaging them in physical activities.

5. What makes your kids curious and questioning all the time?

As you all know kids from the ages of 2 to 5 and even 6 years old ask questions all the time. That is because their mind is in growth process. At this stage the more knowledgeable, useful and informative answers we provide them, the better their mind growth and process would be. This is the best stage we provide them with honest answers because that’s what they will adapt and will build their personality. I am sure we might not have most of the answers to their questions so let’s be honest with them and excuse ourselves and just let them know that we will respond to them after some research in books, google or any other source and ensure them that we will come back to them with a good and valid response.

As adults that is not a shame for us not to know the response of something they ask us. We will not harm them by not knowing but if we provide them an invalid or false answer or reason, that is when we harm them because as I said earlier that our answers and how we communicate and by using what source we communicate will build their true personality.

6. What leads to baby’s exploring their surroundings and new places?

As babies grow day by day, they get familiar to their surroundings by watching and observing. Although their eyes are not yet properly functionable as supposed to adults but still they are good observers. Later on at the ages of 2 to 3 years they will be able to see fully in color. That is why exposing babies at their early ages to TV or cell phone etc. Is not a good option.

Some babies will like to get outside and explore the world whereas some others are the opposite, meaning they do not want to get out and be exposed to the outside world. That depends on really how their environments are. Like for example some Moms always get out even when their baby are not yet born that’s what helps babies listen to more voices and adapt in that surroundings because they can listen and they can feel through you. Whereas some Moms do not like to get out with their babies and that is how the baby will afraid to see a second person or outsider and will start crying.

I know that these are very basic knowledge about early childhood and parenting to most of us as parents but there must be some new parents who are looking for help out there and my objective is to provide some help for them. I know that as new parents we DO need help and some useful information because I had gone through the same thing. I saw it for myself. I lived those situations and I experienced it. There were days and even late nights I spent on my device to research what is good for my baby. Which food should I consider eating to benefit my baby, which activity should I do so that I help the growth and physical health of my growing baby inside my body and so on.

I wish and I really hope this website could be any of your use. So please leave your comments below. Leave your feedback and your constructive ideas. I would love to get back to you with an answer.

I thank you very much for taking the time to read it and I really appreciate you!


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