baby hospital bag checklist

Baby Hospital Bag Checklist- List of 40 baby essentials at one glance


Baby Hospital Bag Checklist of 40 Baby Essentials to Must Have for the Delivery Day of Your Baby:

Dear New Parents, are you wondering what exactly to prepare for your Baby Hospital Bag Checklist on the delivery of your baby? I am going to present to you a list of 40 Baby Essentials to must have in hospital. In this list you could see at a glance which things are absolutely essential to have in the hospital so that you could prepare in advance, before your 8th month arrives. Nurses suggest to have our hospital bag prepared in advance before the 8th month. Once the 8th month has arrived, we never know when we might expect to have the baby as it could happen any time depending on each woman and their body.

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Baby Hospital Bag Checklist – List of all the 40 baby essentials at one glance!

1Milk and Bottle / feathers5You wouldn’t have to leave the room for washing them as you will be very busy with the baby, or probably tired as well beside having painful body.
2Bottle Warmer1Milk Bottle and baby food warmer with timer, best for your baby’s milk bottle to warm it in seconds. You wouldn’t have to leave the room for looking to find the kitchen.
3Pump for breast milk flow1Helps milk flow in the 1st 3 days – Moms do not have sufficient milk due to exhaustion in the first 3 days or sometimes it could take even 1 week until milk starts flowing.
4Clothes and Bodysuits as underwear20You’ll change clothes very often as they get dirty pretty quickly. So you may not want to run out of clothes for your baby during those 3 days in hospital. Sometimes, depending on cases it could take more days.
5Hypoallergenic Diapers2 packsYou’ll change your baby’s diaper every 20 to 30 minutes, as they dirty up pretty quickly.
6Petroleum Jelly1It prevents Diaper rash and it is best for baby’s skin. Petroleum Jelly is a natural product which is recommended by nurses and doctors.
7Hypoallergenic Cream1Take 1 in case of appearance of redness on baby’s bump. There will be 1 in the hospital as well but if you would like to have it for all times, that’s a good thing to have.
8Nail Cutter for baby1Your baby could have long nails even in your womb. So it’s a good thing to have with you in hospital so that your baby do not scratch their little chin or lips while putting their hand into their mouth for sucking their fingers.
9Hypoallergenic Soap 1It is a must have thing, to wash your baby’s body or giving a bath.
10Hypoallergenic Shampoo1It is also a must-have thing, to wash your baby’s hair. You might want to have your own mark but I would suggest using Aveeno for all the bath products. Even lotion, cream and body wash. It is my favorite.
11Hooded Towels/ wash clothes5To Dry your baby’s body after bath. You may want to have 5 or more in case 1 gets wet, you may have more of them to use without looking for someone to have them washed or dried.
12Warm Pyjamas10Ideal and warm for after bath. Keeps your baby warm and comfortable.
13Socks1 packTo keep your baby’s feet warm.
14Bodysuits with zipper10Warm and comfortable, easy to open for changing diapers or dressing up the baby.
15Gripe Water1In case of stomach pain or gas. You may need 1 bottle. No prescription is required and it is over the counter medication. It has no side effects. It is also good for constipation.
16Olive Oil / Hemp or Macadamia Oil1Babies love massages. Before sleeping at night, massaging the baby with those oils would be safe and allergy free.
17Baby Wrapping Cloth5To wrap the baby while carrying or taking out of their little place for feeding. It is also best for comfort.
18Swaddle Blanket3Comfortable and warm for your baby after bath. It keeps your baby warm.
19Hypoallergenic Wipes3 packsIdeal for cleaning, babies dirty their diapers more than 5 times a day. So you can’t wash 5 times per day. We are allowed until1 to 2 washes per day.
20On the Go Baby Dome1Ideal to have for baby’s safe transportation from a room to the other in the hospital. In the long run, you could also use it at picnics, river side and doctor appointments.
21Baby organizer storage bag1Carry an organized bag with all the necessities. The bag is wide with many organizational pockets and many small rooms to store everything in a classified and well organized way.
22Portable Diaper Changing Pad1Water proof changing pad with all other accessories as a set. All in one single bag. Ideal for travelling around, good to carry for doctor appointments and could be used for long and last for many years.
23Nursing Pillow1To better position Baby for breastfeeding. Remember to not bend yourself instead of better positioning the baby as you will get a serious back pain because of bad position. I had one and it sacks, on top of all those other pains during that time.
24Baby Bath Sponge Brush2Good tool for washing the baby or giving your baby a bath. It is soft and cleans very well with no danger.
25Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box1To take pictures of your baby. This is not a must have as you could use your cellphone as well but if you are a parent who would like some professional looking photos to capture those memorable moments, you could get this one.
26Burping Cloth1 packTo burp the baby, as burping your baby is very important for the better digestion process as we position the baby upward, the excessive gas or air entered along with the milk will get out as they burp. It also prevent hiccups. The reason why we use Burping Cloth is that we don’t want your or their cloths to get dirty with regurgitated milk.
27Cotton Gloves2 pairsTo help prevent the baby from scratching their face. As they have long nails, so you may want to protect them from scratching their face.
28Thermometer for fever alarm-adults1To check adult’s fever before entering the room. It is a good tool to have, specially in this Covid situation. We may want to insure the person entering your room, do not have any fever.
29Car Seat with Car seat base1For exiting the baby from hospital, to carry at home.
30Stroller1Transporting baby from hospital room to your car.
31Closet Rod Hanging Storage1For easy accessibility, light to Hang on the wall. Supper easy to have everything classified and handy when you need.
32Cotton Gowns 5Comfortable and easy to take off when changing diapers.
33Baby Monitor with Remote Pan1Good to have at home, you may not need in the hospital. In the long run, at home you may want to use it. You could see and hear your baby from any other rooms, when they wake up and you could respond before they get upset and cry intensely to get attention.
34Newborn Lounger – Portable organic1A comfortable co-sleeper for baby to sleep on, it has some Toys hanging around. It also has a light and little mosquito net. It is soft, cute, comfortable and really adorable.  
35Baby Story Books – Audio Books3Reading Story books benefit language and cognitive development. It is good to have both in case you are tired and want to take some rest, you could play an audio book.
36Little Hat or Tuque2To keep baby’s head warm and comfortable. You may want to keep 1 or 2 in case if the room is cold. Baby’s head is very fragile and could get cold quickly from the head.
37Winter Suits1If it is winter, Winter Suit is required to take the baby outside. I think it is also called snow suit.
38Car Seat Cover1If it is winter, a Car Seat Cover would be necessary to cover baby’s Car Seat. So that the baby gets protected from the windy weather and catch cold.
39Soft music – Bed Time1Any device to play soft music for the baby. Specially at night before bed. Soft music is very beneficial to the baby’s brain development as well as to Mom. It helps prevent Mom from any type of anxiety or Postpartum Depression after the Delivery of baby. I used to listen to Soft Jazz music.
40Anti-Leaking, water proof sheet covers1 packPrevents any leaking on baby’s lounger or their little bed. You could also use it at home in the long run. It is a very good sheet cover to properly protect any place of your home or any room from baby’s leaking.



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10 responses to “Baby Hospital Bag Checklist- List of 40 baby essentials at one glance”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Nice post and very informative for a new mother getting ready for their new bundle of joy.  I have 2 new grand babies, 1 just turned 2 months and the other 5 months.  I helped with my daughter and daughter in law making sure they had what they needed before they were born.  Very detailed list even for a reminder for experienced moms.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for the read through and offering a comment. I appreciate that. I am glad you liked it and that you found it detailed as well as a good reminder for all Moms, including new Moms. Thank you for sharing your own personal experience.

      I hope this is going to be a good resource for all the pregnant Moms. So that they could find everything they need for their baby and that it eases their work. 

      Kind regards,


  2. Christina Avatar

    What a nice checklist. I definitely think this would be helpful for mothers, especially first-time mothers! Granted it is all a bit much, so maybe a relative price for each would be helpful in case they’re on a tight budget. You gotta make do with what you have sometimes. Cheap alternatives would be great as well!

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you for the read through, Christina! I appreciate your comment. 

      For the price, I must say they are all very reasonable. By clicking the suggested button on the website, the person could see all the 40+ essentials in one place. Besides, to be honest with you I am a person who sees the quality rather than quantity. So I wouldn’t be worrying too much about adding the prices of each products. Anyways, I would like my visitors to check the prices originally on the Amazon site for this particular post. Be it other posts as well, I would let my website visitors to check the prices on the source site. Like this, they get the freshly updated promotions and prices at any time. 

      I hope this all makes sense to you. 

      With kind regards,


  3. Dozzy Avatar

    what a great post, I can see the prices are not what I think. I thought it will be very high, but they are very affordable and reasonable. This will help a lot of new mamas and even pregnant women out there, you really make things easy for them. Almost what they need in just one place.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Dozzy,

      Thank you very much for reading the post and offering a comment. I appreciate your time. What a beautiful output you have given regarding this post! I am sure it will help our parents or readers to take a better decision regarding the products selections as well as their respective prices.

      As you said that I really make things easy for readers, 😊 I agree with you! My absolute goal is to ease my visitors work so that they find what they need in short amount of time. I know how crucial it is to apply our time for the right purposes in life. So yeah, our time is money and beyond money.

      Thank you once again for your beautiful thoughts!

      Best wishes,


  4. Lily Avatar

    This is a long list but I can see that you haven’t left anything off. It must be a busy experience having a baby and remembering all the things that need to be done and all the bits to do them with. I’ve never had a baby so I was surprised that you would need all these things in the hospital as I thought that they provided everything you needed whilst in there. But of course, it would be more convenient to have them at hand.

    At least they wouldn’t be bulky all those sweet baby clothes.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Lily,

      Thank you very much for your time in going through the content. I really appreciate your comment.

      Yes, as you said it is really a very busy experience. We have to be supper careful not to miss something. Otherwise, we would have to call someone at home to bring us over if luckily we have someone at home. Depending on the object, we could also be provided by the hospital but as I said it really depends what the object is. As they cover only certain objects.

      As we all are aware, babies grow very fast so the more clothes they have in the first few month; the better.

      Prayers for all the fulfilment of all your good wishes and for your good health and prosperity.

      With best regards,


  5. anas Avatar

    Hi, Meena Thank you for the article you shared with us about the baby Hospital Bag Checklist, I’m going to talk about the hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit, an Excellent product! It looks gross when you think about sucking the nose of your kid but there’s a filter for The boogers. Advise USE coffee filter instead of buying the original one and buy at a cheaper price the saline solution in a pharmacy. A life saver for every little running nose!
    Once again Thank you

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Anas,

      Hydra Sense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit is a great idea. I would definitely consider adding this to my list. 

      Coffee container and coffee filters are also excellent ideas for my other post about Mom’s Hospital Bag essentials. I am going to add them both. 

      Thank you so much for the ideas. I really appreciate that.

      Kind regards,


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