Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education

Early childhood education:

As you all may know the early 5 years of life is the most critical times of the brain development and early learning period of a child. What happens in the first 5 years of life, lasts a lifetime. We can influence a generation in 5 years. If we want to change the society, we must change the way we teach our youngest children. We must change the way we support families. We must think how we invest for the early childhood education of our children. We must change the way we teach our teachers. We must make our teachers understand that they are holding our little children’s souls in their charge and that every day is a phenomenon. We need to brighten the life of children for their charge. When it comes to hiring teachers, we need to think how we invest. We need to carefully evaluate teachers for this position.

The 5 critical components that teachers need to know:

1. Teachers must understand the emotional developments of the students in their classrooms.

2. We need teachers to understand who they are. Teachers teach who they are. In most situations teachers come to classroom traumatized which has so much effect on children.

3. We need teachers to understand temperament of the students whether that child is fierce, fearful, feisty, flexible, we need them to know, “who is in front of me”?

4. Results has shown that early childhood educators have a tendency of being a fearful temperamental profession. So when you have teachers who have come out of a fearful temperament and they are working with feisty kids or traumatized kids, they have a tendency to oppress children. So we have to have teachers begin to understand their inner souls.

5. We have to have teachers understand the family history of the students. Where they belong?, what is their family histories and begin to create a synergistic experience with their families and to be able to host the families where they are.

Children and Learning Environment During Early Childhood Education:

We also need to take into consideration today’s environment. Our environment is so explosive today and there is so much toxicity in our environment. This is why there is so much opportunity for the teacher to set with the child, to be present with the child and to nurture them along their souls. This is how our children will feel emotionally secure or safe because they will have someone to talk more like a partner to help. If they feel emotionally safe, they will take academic risk. Our system has a tendency to teach children to the head first but we have to teach them to the soul and heart first.

When children enter the kindergarten, this is the time when they must be ready and have the resiliency necessary to take them into the next adventure and school is their next adventure not an odious experience.

We should begin thinking how we should invest in our time, talent and treasures for early childhood education which will compound the investment as they go to the elementary, middle school and high schools.

Language Nutrition of our Babies:


Here is a very informative video I would like to share with you which is about the language nutrition of the baby in their early ages. Just same as the food nutrition which is critical for the growth and development of the bodies of our baby, language nutrition is also extremely important for their brain growth and development. As shown in the video, language along with the interaction of mother brings a huge positive effect the development of neurons. It stimulates the neurons and through repetitions of language and repetitive simulations the neurons get stronger and stronger and stronger and it branches out stronger so there is capability of learning.

What happens if the neurons do not get stimulated by language? If the neurons do not get stimulated, they shrink and die. So there will be no learning. By live experience I know people who were not living the ideal standard of living of today’s well-developed social economics society during the early ages of their childhood. They were actually looking very normal people like you and me. They loved to live a happy life, loved to dress up and get out of home, loved to look exactly like you and me but they were not able due to one thing. That one thing was reading to their children and writing. They were not even able to solve their own problems when it came to daily essential tasks which depended on reading.

This is how important it is to interact with our children through language and communication, before even admitting them to a daycare and school; parents are their first teacher. The whole life of our children depends on us (parents) due to the early exposure in language and our interaction and ability to engage in order to stimulate their brain repetitively to help build and develop their neurons or brain process.

Cooperation of gradians, parents and caregivers along with teachers:

Once they are admitted to day cares, we need to check the agenda of the daycare very regularly, on a daily basis to see how our child’s day went. How much they slept? Did they eat well? What they ate? How much they ate? Were they lacking sleep? Were they attentive during the lessons? Were they participating in a satisfactory level? How was their diaper training going on? Are they asking for permission to go to the bathroom instead of their diapers? We need to check the menu of the daycare every single week. If possible, it is a good idea to take a quick picture of the menu to have it at your approach everyday so that you cook something different at home than what the daycare had offered on that day. Sometimes if children have a meal in the daycare which will be the same as they had at home, they will simply refuse to eat at that day in the daycare and will remain empty stomach and moody all day.

During their regular follow up at daycare, we should talk to their teachers to let them know about our expectations. What do we need from the teachers in the development of that specific skill which we are looking to build into our child. All children are different. They are created with different and unique abilities. Children are never the same and we must never ever compare them to the rest of the children in the daycare. Some children are highly skilled in Math while others are more into Arts depending on the simulations they received in their early ages.

It is always our responsibility to write down on a piece of paper about the characteristics of our child in order to help the teacher know better our child. Sometimes day cares have some sort of papers or forms in which they ask questions about the habits of our baby. They want to know about all their likes and dislikes and whether they are having any allergies or not and if any other things which concerns us. If there are things which concerns us, we must absolutely mention that without any hesitation and feeling embarrassed because if those little concerns will not get to correction into the daycare, further during their school it is going to become a huge issue and affect their learning period in the school. This causes so much delay in the progress of their lessons.


Early Childhood Education

Building a good routine and consistency:

During their daycare period, we have to have a schedule set up to be able to better manage the engagement with our child. Our concentration should remain more on the skills which we want to develop more within our child.

If we set up a schedule, it will help our child to remember the routine and adapt the habit of consistency. This habit will lead to further task organizations during their school life which will result into great success in their lifetime. If we can teach our children how to be organized with their environment or surroundings as well as their mental tasks in their early ages, they will adapt that and will become the person who have those qualities and will benefit for the rest of their lives.

Physical and Mental Organization:

Physical organization and mental organization are extremely important for the success of our child. No matter what job they apply to, where they work and to whom they work, organization skills are seen as important assets which adds up more value to their employer as well as themselves later during their career.

An organized guardian and or mother helps their child to focus better by maintaining a good and clean environment. The more organized we are, the better we could concentrate towards the engagement with our child. Results of the researches have shown that people who are more organized, they are more productive. They are more trust worthy and more reliable. These people are highly accepted and could be turned to, during situations of performing an emergency task or possible unscheduled tasks which may occur suddenly.

As I mentioned that organization skills lead to productivity, it also helps your child to better memorize tasks. Not only memorize those tasks but also helps in being mentally organized. By building a good routine, your baby will know right away what is coming next and they will get excited for all the varieties of those tasks they already know which are coming up next.

The first 5 years were called the most critically important learning period because all the life of our baby depends on that. It will determine who they become as an individual, as they grow up. Here is a very interesting video I would like to share with you.



Importance of Home Schooling Beside Daycare and School In Early Childhood Education:

Daycare education is not enough to depend on. We need to surround our children with educative toys, tools, books, posters and blocks etc. to make our own home a learning and playful environment for our children. One of the ways our babies learn from is through playing with toys. Their Math skills depend enormously on playing. Through playing, they discover the numbers and Math.

The journey does not end once your child will be admitted to daycare or school. Even though they will be engaged with their teachers but still they will need their parent’s full support. We need to be there and fully emotionally and physically present for them in each and every step of their life. We need to go through their back packs every day and see if there are some lessons which are due for homework or if any repetitions required as recommended by the teachers.

Majority of parents already know these information but I am sure and confident that they will be helpful to new parents. As I myself have gone through that period and know exactly what new parents need to know. What will be their concerns and which problems will they be dealing with in terms of education during their early ages, healthy growth, food nutrition, language nutrition and how to develop their organizational skills.

A home full of blocks, Lego, toys, books, posters and charts is a home in which your child’s early childhood education, Math skills and Language skills will get into birth each and every single day until they start daycare or school. This learning of words through play and through your interactions on a daily basis will accumulate and increase by the passage of time which will develop their brain’s neurons more and stronger. The stronger their brains were developed during their early childhood, the more successful they will become as an individual with their high school, collage and university education.

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  1. Ruth Avatar

    Hi, Meena. This is an informative blog about the critical stages of child’s development.

    I was a high school teacher before becoming a stay-at-home Mom. I was fortunate to work as an ECE relief teacher two years ago. It’s really important that ECE teachers are well trained and had passed psychological tests for the safety and welfare of the children.

    You are right in mentioning the partnership of teachers and parents (guardians/caregivers) in the development of child’s brain and behavior.

    Thanks for sharing this information.



    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Ruth,

      Thank you very much for your comment and you are most welcome. I am very glad you found it informative. 

      Wow! That is a good chance to implement those knowledge to our own children once gained as an ECE teacher. Yes, you are right about the facilitation of children’s tasks and behaviors through good communication between parents/ care givers and teachers.

      The more human knowledge is advancing, the higher it gets in importance of engaging and involving our children in a learning and playful environment through all kinds of educational toys, tools, books, blocks etc.. from a very early age because this is the base. If the base and the fundamentals are strong, I am sure growing older they will become more and more successful in life. 

      Like ECE, fundamentals and base is crucial in everything in life.

      To highly advancement of knowledge and success of our new generations!  

  2. Jessika Avatar

    Babies! What a great topic you literally have every piece of information about the little ones that we need to know. It’s crazy to know that everything we do and fed to our children has an impact on them weather it be bad or good. 

    How old should your child be before joining?

    I think it is a great thing to have toys and activities that teach our children at a young age. Even now many of the TV shows do the same! 

    What is the best routine for a baby? I have my son and routines for him seem to be difficult the older he gets.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad you found it useful to share with the rest of us.

      We could start with our babies as early as 4 weeks to teach them in a way that will be engaging and enjoyable for us and playful and educative for our little ones. In order to be able to do so we are very much fortunate to live in a corner of the world where there is peace and abundance. 

      We could literally access any resources and we could approach to vast amount of highly educative and beneficial tools in order to stimulate our little ones.

      As you are well aware the routine for each family differs. As a Mom, we for sure give the top priority to our little one and also to ourselves because our health and well being is important as well; as much as the baby is. So that we could better take care of them. I am going to consider your question of what kind of routine to build for a baby in a new blog post and will share with you all.



  3. Sunny Avatar

    Lovely article on early childhood education. I wish that all the parents out there and all the teachers in the world, read your words. They will find here such a great reminder of what impact they all have on children in early childhood. 

    One lovely friend of mine has been homeschooling her daughter and I can’t express how much that has been beneficial for the girl. From very early childhood she was actually following the mentioned steps here. 

    Thanks for this review. 
    Be blessed! 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your time in going through my article. I really appreciate your kind wish and that is really very sweet of you to recommend it to all the parents and teachers around the glob. Sure, for me and some other parents who have already one or two kids; we find these information probably repetitive. 

      I remember the times when I first was planning my baby boy and spending hours on google to research which toys should I buy. Which toys are highly educative and how to teach my child? These are things which comes by experience and by the researched knowledge which I am trying to share with our new Moms and Dads or caregivers. 

      You’re most welcome sweetie,

      Blessings to you and all your loved ones as well!

  4. Aluko kolawole Avatar
    Aluko kolawole


    This article is rich in content especially if you are a parent or you have access to be a care giver, early childhood education is very key to our children life, in between the ages of 5 and 6 years the education given to our children key in or stick to their brain more and effective, they will ponder on and keep it as they grow up.

    Thank for sharing.


    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Alukk,

      Thank you for your time for going through this content. I am glad you found it useful. Yes I agree for the fact that it will help them in their school studies. In between 5-6 years is still late. 

      Now a days with today’s advanced educational methods and strategies, with the help of many useful tools and books for example the book of Math with red portrayals; we could teach our infants as little as 4 weeks.

      Science has demonstrated that children from birth to ages 6 are capable of learning Math and any languages faster and better.

  5. Tosin Avatar

    Thank you for this very insightful and comprehensively written article about early childhood toys. I believe it would be really helpful in helping me understand the subject matter as it is precise in representing what i really was expecting. I have bookmarked it and wouldn’t mind sharing it to other of my people that i think would need to read this too, i expect more contents from you in the future. One love fam

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Tosin,

      Thank you so much for your time and your positive comment. I really appreciate that. I am very glad you found it useful and the fact that you book marked it for sharing with some other parents, is really a great honor for me and I am really grateful. I agree with you! Educational toys are the key for good learning and success of our children.

      Wish you success in your life!

  6. Collins Avatar

    Thank you so much for enlightening me on this topic your article was really masterpiece I enjoyed reading and I shared it with my family and friends as well. It was very nice learning about early childhood. I’m mailing your article to my child’s teacher immediately. 

    Thanks again for shading this!

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Collins,

      Thank you very much for your act of kindness in sharing it with all your friends and family members along with teachers. I hope they get some value out of it as well. I am glad if I would be able to help as much people as I can with what I know. My aim by writing this article is also to be able to help new parents with their upcoming parenting journey.

  7. Aly Avatar

    It is amazing all that humans will develop and learn in their first 5 years of life. 

    Early intervention is so important to developing strong habits and bonds, and to address / overcome any developmental issues that could stay with the child their whole life. It’s important for teachers to spot issues, but parents are the most important resources. Very helpful for the parents to understand the milestones and temperaments that they should be looking for as their child matures. Thanks for sharing your research to help drive home these important points about childhood education.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Aly,

      Thank you so much for your time in reading this article. I am glad you found it useful and engaging. I totally agree with you that collaboration of parents are extremely important with the teachers and school board members.

      Early learning could always be enhanced by the engagement of parents and care givers with the help of educational toys, books, blocks, e-books and some other useful tools. As stated in the videos I shared, playing and talking with our babies are the key for their better learning and mental growth.



  8. Kelvin Avatar

    This is a great article on early education for kids. I am not yet a parent and still far from being a parent, but the information I received from this article and the knowledge I have been able to gain is just so vital and beneficial. Thanks for this great write up on early child education. I would love to learn more.

  9. trudnocairoditeljstvo Avatar

    Your text has been of great use to me. I became a mom almost a year ago and I created my own social groups that bring moms together to share their personal experiences with children. These educational texts on the mental development of children are of great benefit to us. The development and care of the child is the responsibility of the parents and is of the utmost importance.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for going through the article. I really appreciate your time and your comment. I am glad that you and your Social group members found it helpful. I would really appreciate their participation as well as any comments and constructive feedbacks. I wish I could join your group as well.

      I thank you very much once again for this amazing and kind review of the article. It truly made my entire week cheerful.   

  10. Joe Avatar

    There is some really good points in this article and I like the section about how teachers need to know a lot more. I think teachers do understand the early emotional developments of children, but they certainly do not know the background history of every child. I wonder what your thoughts are on how you get teachers to form more of a 1-1 relationship with children.

    I also think resilience is a key part of development at a early age. I think we are to soft these days in what we teach children and I think we need to make them more aware from an early age of the toxic environment which we live in, so they are prepared more mentally.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your time and for your comment and question.

      I agree about the fact that they do know about the children’s emotional development. Meeting up parents on person could help to get to know them better. If it could be done from 4 – 5 times per year that would be great in my point of view. Staying in touch with parents through emails and small daily hand written texts could help also.

      In the Covid times to remain in touch with parents virtually as much as possible, is a good option too. Better understanding could be build through effective communication.  

  11. roprimixz Avatar

    Hey Meena,

    Wow well written, We all know especially as men that one really have to be patient with kids, and yes it can be frustrating sometimes, I appreciate that you took a simple and quite important article by explaining the process step by step on Educational Baby toys, It says a whole lot about the crucial development stage in children, this is highly informative.
    Thanks for sharing this, It really was helpful, I would share this right away.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Roprimix,

      Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it and I really appreciate your time in going through the article. I do truly appreciate your positive feedback. 

      100% agreed! This is the most crucial period of their learning through play and language nutrition which looks pretty simple but needs so much cautions and carefulness. 

  12. Saint Avatar

    Thanks for sharing about this educative and insightful post about early children education, teaching children what they need to know at there early stage in life is what every parent Should try to do cause at this age. There Brain is just developing and they are able to learn faster. Also home education should be encouraged, a child should be able to learn outside the class room that’s the best form of learning.

  13. Harry Avatar

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your  review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. I wish all children teachers can learn from this post as it is very essential, i think more people needs to see this so i will do the best I can in sharing, thanks.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Harry,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your time in reading the article. I am glad you found it helpful and educative.

      Education is something fund in today’s world where we have all the good and informative resources and tools which are one click away.

      Kind regards,



  14. Bogadi Avatar

    Hey Meena. Thank you for the interesting read . I am a homeschooling mom of three. I am glad and consider it as a privilege that I was able to personally take care of my children’s early childhood education. I fully agree that teachers should be made aware that their job goes beyond academics but it is also about nurturing their learners souls.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Bogadi, 

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your time and your positive feedback about the article. 

      Absolutely, Bogadi! Teacher’s jobs are beyond academics and the fact that the nourishment of their learner’s souls are relied to them, is a huge thing.

      We are fortunate too to have all the tools and facilities available here to be able to homeschool prior to their school times. It helps our children as well as teachers.  

  15. Lizzyben Avatar

    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on Educational baby toys. It’s true that the early 5 years is the most critical times of brain development for a child. I’ve noticed that children tend to learn more with homeschooling. I noticed this with my daughter, she learnt better at home than in school so I got her a homeschool tutor. She’s doing really great now. I’ll share this with the tutor so she can follow the steps on here, thanks for this 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your time. 

      Thank you also for sharing it. I greatly appreciate that. I am glad you found it of value to pass this on to others.

  16. Ann Avatar

    I am just starting to learn about all this and I am glad I am learning when I can still impact my child with this. I initially thought that from the time they were born to up to 3 or 4 years old, they were not learning much. But now I understand that a tremendous development is taking place in their little brains. And just as we feed them food we should also feed them with language.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through it. 

      Sure, I agree with you about the fact that language nutrition is also important as much as food nutrition. In order to be able to do so, we are just one click away from all kinds of good resources and educative tools. 

  17. Shavo Avatar

    This is a very resourceful article to have as it has a lot of good stuffs to teach people most, especially those in the education system, it helps them know the requirements of early childhood education and how best they can influence a child’s successful learning right from early stage. Thanks!

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your time and your effort in leaving a comment.

      Absolutely, although we are living in the corners of the world where there are so many qualified educators, sometimes as a human being we all need to be reminded. 

      Yeah, exactly! early stages of a child is the most critical times of their life in terms of their learning stage.

      Have a great day,


  18. Aparna Avatar

    Early childhood education is the most essential education of all. It is this time that a child’s emotional base is being built and parents must ensure that the child is made confident of the environment it is provided. Home schooling is also a very important aspect of this education. 

    I love the way u handled the topic and gave us tips on how to ensure the overall development of the child. 

    thanks for this great article. 



    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through the article.

      I absolutely agree with you! Early learning is like a writing on a stone which never clears off. 

      With lots of best wishes and kind regards,


  19. LineCowley Avatar

    The early years of a child’s life is when there is so much learning and development that happens, that it is crucial that there is enough stimulation for the child to learn. Parents are the first contact with a baby and therefore should start at an early age to sing and read to their baby and stimulate the baby. Teachers need the right training and must pass psychological tests that the children in their care will be safe, while also communicating with parents.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your time in going through the content.

      I absolutely agree with you. 100% true. I liked your agreement about passing the psychological tests, as they are dealing not only with children physically but also their souls.

  20. Josh Avatar

    Your reviews have always been really great and educating to view, thank you for sharing this particularly valuable piece of information with us. I like the section about how teachers need to know a lot more. I think teachers do understand the early emotional developments of children, but they certainly do not know the background history of every child.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through the article. 

      I agree with you about the facts that teachers do know about their job. 

      Knowing more about children could always be facilitated through virtual meetings, small hand written notes for the teachers with a thank you, 4 to 5 yearly parents meeting would be a great chance to get to know more.

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