Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Fine and Gross motor skills

Motor Skills:

Motor skills in babies are built through continues stimulation from their early ages.

Motor Skills are basically defined in to two categories:

  1. Fine Motor Skills
  2. Gross Motor Skills


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1. Fine Motor Skills:

  • Your baby’s fine motor skills are built when they are tend to be engaged in small tasks such as putting cereal into a thin Nylon thread. Poring small grains from one container into another one.
  • Finding and moving small objects from the surface of a floor such as beads of Lego, little blocks of numbers, fake little colorful candies, small colorful blocks used for counting could build your babies fine skills. Moreover, engaging them in all sorts of small tasks in finding you small objects placed by you in areas YOU know which can for sure be also visible to your baby, could help in increasing the ability of building their fine motor skills.
  • Letting your baby sketch on top of large but lightly colored broken lines could lead them to more control over their hand posture and practice to follow the lines of the drawings with their eyes. Through this practice regularly, their brains will be stimulated to boost the process of sending messages by observation through different parts of their body specially the motion of their hands and different body parts.
  • Coloring is a good way of stimulating your baby’s brain to communicate with their hands and different body parts.
  • Encouraging your baby to color large images with big pencils is very helpful in building their fine motor skills.
  • Your baby’s fine skills are built by your engagement in showing them how to close the zipper of their jacket.
  • Tying up their shoes laces could also be sometimes an obstacle to some babies if they were not too much engaged in similar activities from an early age. This is also a fine motor skill.


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2. Gross motor skills

  • Walking on top of circles by maintaining their balance, following a line while jumping and climbing down from an unequal surface by maintaining their speed could lead to more success as they grow up and engage in other physical activities.
  • Stimulation of your child’s brain during early childhood and physical activities while grown ups:
  • Letting your baby grow playing with a balloon or a ball or similar activities, could lead to greater success when they grow up. Specially when they participate in physical activities like soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, Ping-Pong etc…Some kids who just join a team to play soccer in the ages of 6 might not be as much comfortable with the ball in the sense of controlling it, compared to those kids who learnt how to walk and were also thought how to push and pull a ball forward and backward and slowly got familiarized with it at the same time.
  • This is really surprising to find out how engaging your baby in physical activities in their early ages plays a huge impact in their gross motor skills.


Your baby’s energy level and their need in engagement of physical activities:

Baby's movement development

  • As we engage babies in physical activates, they are more likely to invest their energy and become relieved and relaxed. This will also prevent them from misbehaving or being hyper.
  • Children who constantly scream and bite other babies are in need and craving for attention and engagement in some one on one activates with their parents or teacher and or loved one’s.
  • During my search for videos regarding this topic I have come up with a very knowledgeable video which takes you to the journey of the very early age of babies to when they are grown up kids.
  • I have attached some links to share some videos about both fine and gross motor skills in the side menu as well. Please check it out. There are also some links which walks you to some awesome products regarding fine and gross motor skills.




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