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Your Baby’s First Steps-when do your baby put their first steps?

Your baby’s first steps:

Today’s post is about your baby’s first steps. Your baby begins to step on and start walking slowly at the age of 11 to 13 months and sometimes even later. Some children even start walking at the age of 15 months which is okay but compared to most children it is considered late.

At this age parents could enhance this process (of getting them to walk) at first, by encouraging them.

Babies are very smart to know from that early age that they will fall down and get hurt, therefore this fear keeps them a way from trying to walk or start walking at a reasonable amount of time.

The powerful force of connection between parents and children strengthens our children in every step of their life, started from walking for the first time in life until they grow up and settle down as adults and even afterwards.

Here is a very interesting video I would like to share with you which is about the engagement of parents who are expecting their baby to soon start walking.

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First step toys, for your baby’s first steps:

In order to make this process faster and easier for babies, parents could select or choose educational rolling toys, jumping toys or baby walkers with the help of which their baby could stand up and try to walk by themselves.

This actually help parents as well, when they feel like setting down for a bit and have a hot drink and relax a little while the baby will be playing safely, happily and joyfully with their walkers beside learning and improving from its educational features which the manufacturer designs or produces for parent’s facility.

Baby walkers are designed in many ways with different purposes as to which skills or capability you want to improve in your baby. Some walkers are build to improve motor skills by walking straight. They are build for improving your baby’s leg muscles through jumping. Are designed to encourage baby’s for pushing or applying force against the object to help build and strengthen their arm’s muscles and force of traction.

Baby walkers help your baby in walking faster, better as well as other health related facts which is in below video I shared.

Watch 5 Baby Walker Toys which will give you more ideas about the verity of baby walkers in terms of remaining physically fit, active and help build strong muscles as well as improvement in baby’s language skills, math skills, familiarity with colors and shapes at the same time.

First step shoes, for your baby’s first steps:

Your baby's first shoesWhen babies first start walking they are very eager to walk. They love to run, play and stay active all day long. That’s why it is very important for them to have a pair of comfortable shoes all the time specially when they first start walking.

As they grow little by little we need to make sure we change their shoes for a bigger size so that they remain comfortable in them.

Small shoes could lead to harm in their toes and will cause discomfort and could irritate the baby.

As they start walking at first, they will experience cramps and discomfort in their legs and feet because they are not used to it.

Your baby’s feet measurement at a glance:

As shown in the image below, you could simply use the measurements given to help you in choosing the right size for your baby’s first steps and further on. Referring to the image, sizes are given from 0-24 weeks.


Foot massage for your baby’s first steps:

Massaging during the night before sleeping could help your baby to have a good night sleep. We could help you choose many saves, unscented, hypoallergenic, perfume free, organic, vitamin E, C and all sorts of oil as per your baby’s skin type and skin need.

Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Macadamia oil could help your baby with their foot pain and discomfort caused by walking but before putting those oils you need to make sure they are not allergic to nuts.

Putting warm piece of cloth designed to keep their feet warm during the night, could also be good for a peaceful sleep.

Jojoba oil is one of the safest, organic natural oil which is fragrance free, alcohol free, with no additives and ideal for your baby’s massage.


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