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How To Build Self Discipline into your children?

Self Discipline And Its Importance:

In spite general education, self discipline is another most important form of education that we can ever teach our children. Our children are like a liquid which we put in no matter which jar with different shapes, that amount of liquid can take the shapes of those jars.

Our children need our help and guidance in every step of their life to be able to survive in today’s fast growing and advanced world. A world where they face many challenges and obstacles in every minutes of their life. It all depends on us (parents) how do we help them build self discipline. They depend immensely on us in terms of what we feed into their minds.

As a parent our duty and responsibility is not only to feed the food to meet the needs of their physical growth and health, but also feed their minds using the power of our words. Each word we choose plays an extremely important role in their well being and more importantly in their success in life. We need to choose our words very carefully to motivate and inspire them.

The first teacher of our children is us (parents) from the day when they are born into this world until we or they die (which ever may happen first, God forbids). We can also take a tree as an example; a tree needs a good environment to grow healthy, like water, good soil, sun, fertilizer and a support to grow straight.

Bruce Lee said, ” Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. What you’re not changing, you’re also choosing”.

Therefore, words are not only words, but they are also energy that we transform to our children. As a teacher our role is to transform that energy into the form of words which we chose to educate them and spread our knowledge and wisdom.

Self Discipline And Motivation:

Do we all know how to motivate a child?

Before thinking of motivating a child, see what they are interested in. Motivating each child has their own unique way, as each child is unique so is their way of getting motivated. Once you figure that out, you can easily motivate them as well.

Some children get motivated by money and gifts they like, some by spending quality time with you if they are strongly bonded to you, some by telling stories, reading books, watching a movie together, playing outside together and the list can go on. So, here the idea is to know what type of child you are interacting with as a teacher; and as a Mom know your child’s interest and consider that back towards their motivation. Do not give it for free! You only give it when they do something which you had asked them to do. For example, something which can help them to build a routine and habit.

Once the routine is build, the discipline is already their within them because it becomes a habit; once the habit is build, it is extremely hard to change.

Self Discipline Benefits:

Self Discipline is beneficial for every occupation of your children later on in their life. There is no way they can become a successful person in their life if they are lacking self discipline or if they completely don’t have any self discipline. No matter how much sky rocking education they have, but if they have no self discipline; it is as if they are incomplete.

Self Discipline And Time Management:

Self Discipline plays an important roll in time management. If your children dedicate time to each thing at home at school and at work your children can get productive and better manage which ever tasks were given to them. They become

Self Discipline At Home:

As a parent, what can we do to help our children in building self discipline?

Often times parents find it very challenging to discipline a child but there are ways and strategies which you can use to motivate them in doing so. One of the most effective ways is to make a checklist for each of your child and list the number of tasks they need to do by themself to slowly build that habit and routine.

Small consistent actions lead to big things in life! If you build the habit of doing small things in early life time, later on you can accomplish and achieve your big dreams and change things in your life and in the life of others. So, DO be the cause of positive change.

Things to do at Home to help build Self Discipline!

1.See your beautiful face on the mirror. Smile and say I am happy, healthy, smart beautiful or handsome. Thank you God for that!YesNo
2.Please DO do your bed.
3.Please DO Wash your hands and face, DO brush your teeth.
4.Please DO Brush your hair and put on a pair of clean clothes for going to school.
5.Please DO Check inside your bag pack if you have your BOOKS, pens, pencils and other necessary materials for school.
6.Please DO clean up your table after your breakfast.
7.Please DO put on your Alarm to get out of home to reach school on time.
8.Please DO NOT throw your bag pack everywhere.
9.Please check your priority list to do your homework.
10.Please Do brush your teeth before going to bed and change your clothes.

Self Discipline at School:

As a teacher, what can we do to help our children in building self discipline into them?

First thing a teacher notices is the cleanliness of the class. If the class is full of biscuit covers, yogurt bottles, cheese plastic covers then there must be no way the teacher start teaching at that class. The teacher must ask for two or three volunteers from within the students to take care of the cleaning along with the teacher. So that students know that throwing things is not something the teacher is going to take it.

Once they clean up for themselves, they will know for next time if they throw things on the floor, they need to clean up by themselves. Doing the cleaning for themselves eliminates repeating the same mistake again.

We can have below table on the screen and each time a student does everything listed below, can get a reward or surprise gift to be encouraged in being more self disciplined.

Things to Do at School to help build Self Discipline!

1.Please DO Ask for Permission to Speak, by Raising your Hands. Do not talk all of you at once because there is only one person who is responding your question. So, your teacher can respond only to one student at a time.YesNo
2.Please DO Ask for Permission when you Feel the Urge or Need to go to the Bathroom.
3.Please DO NOT Go out of the class all of you at once. You need to wait till the next person comes and then you could go to drink.
4.Please DO have all your BOOKS with you when you come to school because without your book, you will miss out on important information from your lessons.
5.Please DO use the Bathroom before you come to the class. So that during the lesson you have peace of mind and be comfortable enough to start and get involved in your lesson.
6.Please DO prevent serving your lunch in the class. Your mind can be present 100% on one thing at a time. You can not eat and at the same time attend your class, especially when the teacher is in process of teaching.
7.Please DO Clean up after eating your snacks. You can not put your books on dirty table to study.
8.Please DO NOT leave your chair or stand up and move around without any permission.
9.Please DO participate in class studies by raising your hands and waiting for your turns.
10.Make sure you take a way minimum 2 to 3 information from your lessons in a day because small information in a day adds up to more in a week, a month and finally in a year or years. Parents, please ask your children about their day and what they learnt at school today? Your implementation is very important to your children and to teachers.

Self Discipline At Work:

As an individual, what can we do to achieve what we would like to achieve at work?

Small acts of courage if performed consistently on a daily basis becomes a self discipline.

“If we Do Not self discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us” William Feather had said it once.

Things to DO At Work in better Discipline yourself!

1.Read your emails first thing in the morning to find out the urgent tasks if any.yesNo
2.Analyze your work load and distribute the work in such that you can deliver both work and quality each day, equally.
3.Once you have all the priorities in front of you, focus on doing them first to get them out of your way.
4.Once the priority is done, you can start with the rest of the work.
5.A tip on how to handle the priorities is to put your cell phone away for the duration of time which you are busy doing that job.
6.Silent all your notifications and put your phone on silent mode so that it doesn’t bother you while doing those priorities.
7.Hide your cell phone in a place where you don’t see it at all because if you don’t see it, you won’t check it.
8.Visualize your days at night before you sleep. So that your brain process those questions in your mind and you get up in the morning with the answer to each of your questions.
9.Never leave dirty plates and coffee cups and glasses on your desk and in the sink. Do your small things right a way and do not let them to add up. When you take care of each task right at the moment, it builds the habit of not procrastinating in doing your tasks. As a result you get organized, productive and completely up do date with everything.
10.Take at least one healthy snack while walking around for 5 minutes. Drink plenty of water because your brain needs a good blood flow, and water helps your blood in purifying and in better circulating into the brain. It helps in staying alert and a wake.

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I would like to hear from you (dear parents). What would you like me to write on next to help and try in solving once’s problems. I can share my experience or do some research and write about the next topic whichever you would like me to.

Together we can make a difference into our children’s life and in better educating them.

We can not do it alone, we need your implementation.

Or teachers in general, can not do it alone. They need you by their side! Please!

We need your help, cooperation and support.

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