How to lose weight after delivery?

How to lose weight after delivery

How to lose weight after delivery?

During delivery, our body goes through a lot of pain and suffering due to so much pressure and pushing. Our body stretch out and expands due to the force of pushing which we apply, in order for the baby to come out. There are so many facts that we must know about what happens during the pregnancy before even thinking about delivery and how to lose weight afterwards. Without knowing these facts we will not be able to know what exactly is going on with our body?

Below, I would like to share with you:

What happens to our body during pregnancy?

Muscles and Organs:

Muscles and joints shift and jostle. The heart’s pounding rhythm speeds up. Blood roars through arteries and veins. Over the course of a pregnancy, every organ in the body changes. Ignited by a range of hormones, these changes begin as soon as pregnancy begins.

Immune System:

Just days after fertilization, the embryo implants in the lining of the uterus. Because its DNA doesn’t exactly match the mother’s, the immune system should theoretically recognize it as an invader, attack, and destroy it, like it would bacteria or other harmful microbes. That’s the challenge: the mother’s immune system needs to protect both her and the fetus, but can’t act as it usually does. What happens is not as simple as decreasing the immune response. Instead, it’s a complex interaction we’re just beginning to understand, involving many different types of immune cells some of which seem to protect the fetus from attack by other immune cells.

Progesterone and HCG Hormones:

The body also creates an antibacterial plug made of mucus on the cervix, which keeps germs away and stays sealed until labor. As a pregnancy progresses, the uterus expands upward and outward with the growing fetus. To make room, hormones called progesterone and relax in signal muscles to loosen. The muscles that propel food and waste through the digestive tract also loosen, which makes them sluggish, causing constipation as passage through the tract slows down. Loosened muscles at the top of the stomach might allow acid to escape into the esophagus and throat, causing heart burn and re flux. These changes can worsen morning sickness, which is caused in part by hormone HCG and can also happen at other times of day.

Lose Weight After Delivery by exercising!
Lose weight after delivery by doing exercise.

Uterus Growth:

As the uterus grows, it pushes on the diaphragm, the muscle that expands and contracts the chest with each breath. This limits the diaphragm’s range. To compensate, the hormone progesterone acts as a respiratory stimulant, making the pregnant woman breathe faster so both she and the baby can get enough oxygen with less lung capacity. This all may leave the pregnant woman feeling short of breath. Meanwhile, the kidneys make more Erythropoietin, a hormone that increases red blood cell production. The kidneys also keep extra water and salt rather than filtering it out into urine to build up the volume of the blood.

Blood volume and decrease in Iron:

A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases by 50% or more but it’s also a bit diluted because it only has 25% more red blood cells. Usually, the body makes blood cells using iron from our food but during pregnancy, the fetus is also building its own blood supply from nutrients in the mother’s food leaving less iron and other nutrients for the mother.

Heart Function and Blood Pressure:

The heart has to work extra hard to pump all this blood through the body and placenta. A pregnant woman’s heart rate increases but we don’t fully understand how blood pressure changes in a healthy pregnancy an important area of research, because some serious complications are related to the heart and blood pressure.

Expansion of Uterus, Drop down of Fetus and Causes:

The expanding uterus may press on veins causing fluid build up in the legs and feet. If it presses on a large vein called the inferior Vena Cava, it might interfere with blood returning to the heart, causing a dizzying drop in blood pressure after standing for too long. Some of these changes start to reverse even before birth. Shortly before delivery, the fetus drops down, decreasing the pressure on the diaphragm and allowing the pregnant woman to take deeper breaths. During labor and birth, much of the extra fluid in the body is lost when the water breaks. The uterus shrinks back down in the weeks after birth.

Pregnancy and its Effects on the Brain:

Like the rest of the body, pregnancy affects the brain but its effects here are some least understood. Recent studies show differences in brain scans after pregnancy and early parenting and suggest that these changes are adaptive. That means they could help with parenting skills, such as an increased ability to read facial cues since babies can’t talk. The lack of information about pregnancy’s effects on the brain highlights a general truth: historically, almost all the research around pregnancy has focused on the fetus, rather than pregnant women.

Pregnancies Vary due to health factors:

Experiences of pregnancy vary widely, both within the range of healthy pregnancies and due to complicating health conditions new research will help us understand why, and develop effective treatments where necessary. In the meantime, every pregnancy is different and it’s important to consult a doctor with any specific questions. Today, we’re turning an exciting corner, as more research is devoted to the astounding biology of pregnancy.

Here were some brief facts about what our bodies go through during the pregnancy. Now considering those facts I would like to share with you all:

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How to lose weight after the delivery?

Here are some frequently asked questions which I would like to consider answering within my content. If ever I miss one, kindly leave me in the comment section below and I will do my best to help you with that.

1. How long should I wait to lose weight after delivery?

If the baby is born normal, you would have to at least give yourselves 9-10 months before trying to lose baby weight. All women are different so as all body types and pregnancies. It depends on your body type whether you would be able to try for the weight loss or not because some skin type due to sufficient Vitamin E, heals faster than those women who are lacking Vitamin E. As Vitamin E plays a very important role in the healing of the wounds and skin surface. The faster we heal, the better, easier and less painful it would be for the body during the exercise.

Even though your baby will be born normal, that doesn’t mean you will not receive some stitches. This hugely depends on the size of your baby. With small babies there are no stitches normally but in case of bringing a big baby in the world, you will receive some cuts before the baby comes out and you will also receive some stitches after.

During the first 5 months after the delivery, the concentration should be more towards taking care of the wounds and scars or stitches to keep them clean and always disinfect; to be able to prevent them from any dangerous infections and put some lotions or cream as per the prescription of your doctor. In some cases where no infections are involved, you could put Vitamin E and also Polyisoprene. Once your body will be ready, you will also be mentally prepared for your weight loss goals and its different ways.

2. How much weight do you lose after delivery?

  • The amount of weight to lose depends very much on your current weight. If your doctor had advised you to gain at least 10 KG during your pregnancy until your baby reaches 9th months, then you must lose the exact amount which you had gained back then.
  • Doctor’s suggestion as to how much weight we gain during pregnancy, depends on our weight before the pregnancy.
  • Doctors suggest the ideal weight in which you and your baby would both be healthy. It also depends on with how much weight to lose, we remain happy. In some cases, if you are very thin before pregnancy and let’s say you wear XX Small size, now you might want to reach Small size, which in most cases we love to.

3. How to lose weight after delivery? How to lose weight after pregnancy?

Most of us wonder how to lose weight after the delivery. In order to find the answer to this question, it is essential to know what happens during the pregnancy to our body. That’s why I started up this article by emphasizing on the importance to know what happens to our body during pregnancy. So that before rushing towards weight loss, you consider all those factors which caused you gaining weight. If you are well aware of the right factors, you will make a decision based on considering those facts during your weight loss.

  • During pregnancy your muscles and joints shift and jostle by each and every single passing week due to the growth of both your baby and the Uterus.
  • Once you are ready to go for your weight loss plans, this is factor number 1 to consider. How we consider this? We must remain patient and allow sufficient time to those muscles to readjust themselves in to their normal positions once they were before. This is the natural way however, there are some other ways as well which fastens the process of re positioning of your muscles and joints. We will see them step by step as we see answers to below questions.

4. The best ways to lose weight after having a baby?

Beside being patient and allowing your body more time, considering nutritional factors during pregnancy is also one of the best ways to lose weight. Knowing what kind of food was suggested by the doctor in order for you to gain weight during your pregnancy. What kind of food you decrease and what you increase after delivery?

  • When we are pregnant, we consider having more protein rich foods which are found in red meats and are the highest sources of iron.
  • Doctors recommend having iron rich foods because during the pregnancy the fetus is building its own blood supply from the nutrients leaving less iron for us (mothers).
  • Proteins cause gaining more weight during pregnancy. After allowing enough time for your iron level to get back to normal after delivery, slowly you would want to consider decreasing Proteins and increasing more and more Fiber rich foods. In order to do so safely, you should consider referring your doctor for blood test to see if your iron level has gotten back to normal.
  • We are encouraged by the doctors to have small portions of food, healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables more frequently during our pregnancy. Now that the baby is born, we do not necessarily need to do that anymore, which means we must allow at least 4-6 hours for the food to digest before having more. In the beginning it is really hard to do so because during that 9 months our habit has changed by now but by drinking more water instead of having more food and snacks and by practicing it we can change this habit. I know that it is not very easy to be patient against the feeling and tendency to eat more but trust me you will get used to within a short period if you remain consistent.

5. How to lose weight after delivery while breastfeeding a baby?

  • Breast feeding is known one of the natural ways to lose weight but if you confuse thirst with hunger and over eat, you will gain more weight despite you breastfeed. As I mentioned earlier that changing our habit of eating more frequently is hard but yet not impossible. Even though we feel like we are hungry, we should not eat as frequently as we used to during the pregnancy. Instead, we should focus on drinking more liquids and water because we tended to lose more water during the delivery due to the water break and because of the exhaustion of the body due to pushing and the delivery pains and suffering.
  • The foods which we should consider are the ones which are high in Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, B12 (Omegas), Vitamin A, Iron rich foods in case of iron deficiency, Vitamin D, Fiber rich foods for better digestion and weight loss, good Proteins, Thiamine, Niacin and Riboflavin.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D are as much important for the baby’s bone growth and strength as Omegas and Vitamin A for their brain and eye development. Therefore, during breastfeeding we should absolutely consider above mentioned Vitamins in our foods.
  • By having above mentioned Vitamins we feel energetic and less likely to over eat which helps widely in weight loss.

6. How to lose weight after delivery at home? 7. How to lose weight after delivery without exercise?


We often think about weight loss and then get discouraged due to the fact that we might not have people around to take care of the baby so that we go to gym. Each case is different and every family situations are different too.

By staying as much active as we can, by taking the right actions in terms of below mentioned points we can lose weight even at the comfort of our home.

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Allowing sufficient time (4-6 hours) for the food to digest and the fats to burn in the stomach
  • No alcohol or ice creams and chocolates – only having chocolates which are the darkest possible for instance 80% up to 90%
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Remaining very active by doing things we love to do on a daily basis
  • Taking our baby for a walk on a daily basis if possible
  • Keeping our brain fresh and healthy by preforming some hobbies we love
  • Knowing our own body type best

8. How to lose weight after delivery C-section?

  • If the baby is born through C-Section, we must give our body at least 2 years to heal. It is ideal to allow good amount of time for healing your wounds before experiencing any complications in terms of the damage of stitches by doing some exercise. Remaining patient for doing exercise in order to lose weight is extremely necessary.
  • Healing process could vary from one woman to the other due to skin type and skin healing facility. Normally a healthy woman with healthy skin (with sufficient Vitamin E) heals faster than those who are suffering from Diabetes or Sugar diseases.
  • We must avoid false movements during taking care of house hold chores to better protect the stitches of the wounds.
  • It is normal after two years to start doing some exercises on a daily basis. There won’t be any risk by doing a normal exercise until you lift up something over weight or do some heavy lifting.
  • After two years, we could consider doing all the things I mentioned on above questions in order to be able to lose weight.

9. How to lose weight after delivery after Depo Provera injection?

  • Women who use Depo Provera injection to prevent or control birth, normally are worried about their weight gain. Most women experience weight gain while using Depo Provera as their normal contraception method.
  • After delivery, it could be even harder because if you were tended to gain weight using Depo injection on the normal times before pregnancy or delivery, chances are that you gain even more weight after delivery.
  • However, if you would like to stick with it for sometime and try to see how your body adjusts with it and how your hormones respond to it, you could do so. If you have a good feeling about it, you could continue but if you feel like it is making you feel worse about your body and experience even more weight gain, you could seek the advice of your doctor to change it for something else for example Marina.
  • Here I have linked you to a website where you could read more about all the side effects of Depo injection and if you experience any of those, you must seek the advice of a doctor. Weight gain is one of those side effects.

10. How to lose weight after delivery by doing an exercise?

There are many exercises that we could do after delivery. I have imbedded an example of a video above if you would like to go through it. Walking in slow pace for a duration of 1 hour daily, is one of the most effective and yet very safe way to lose weight after delivery specially if your baby was born by C-Section.

Studies have shown that there are more fat burn possibility in walking on a slow pace rather than running. Walking is also good for your mental health same as physical because it helps to increase blood circulation throughout your body.


If you have a good blood circulation, your blood carries oxygen into your brain which results in good mental health, productivity, happiness, higher self-esteem, social engagements, improves concentration and makes you more active in your daily routines.

It helps the stitches to heal faster and without any false skin elasticity due to bad setting posture. It is also recommended by the doctors and nurses to walk on a slow pace so that your stitches heal straight or in the correct position.

They emphasize on not remaining seated for long hours during the day because chances are that your stitches heal in a bad position. In this case you will experience discomfort at your stitches while standing and you may not stand straight.

Sometimes even if you feel uncomfortable to stand straight, it is okay and normal as long as you do not remain like that and force yourself to stand normal without bended back.

11. How long should I wait to run after eating? Or How long should you wait to run after eating?

If you consider doctor’s answer to this question, they often suggest to wait 15 – 30 minutes before going for a walk. So if you are running, you should wait at least 30 min – 1 hour before you run. Running results in shaking of the food and liquids which are stored in the stomach along with the acid. It will then cause heart burn because of rising of the acid in stomach and may result in nausea or vomiting.

12. What to wear after delivery?

If we see from the medical cultural aspect of it, we should wear something with good fitting and thick tighter elastic so that it holds the body and skin tight to help muscles and joints to re position themselves gradually like before pregnancy. It might be true. We could try that and there is no problem with trying it and experiencing it by ourselves.

Some women who have given birth through C- Section, they could for sure go with something loose and comfortable to make sure the wounds will remain untouched and absolutely no pressure on them. So that their stitches heal properly and in the way they should.

13. What to expect after delivery?

There are many things which will come our way that we might not have expected.

  • If it is going to be your first delivery, do know that you will experience so much pain and discomfort.
  • For the first 2 – 3 months you will be taking pain relieve medications. You will be prescribed some by your doctor.
  • You will have difficulty to set properly because of pain and you will feel really uncomfortable while moving around and approaching for things you need.
  • You will need company while using the bathroom in the first 7 days.
  • Breastfeeding could become very challenging in the first 5 days until the milk flows properly.
  • For a good milk flow, you would have to keep your body warm. Sometimes a hot shower could help a lot.
  • You feel like eating all the time even if you are full. It is because we lose a good amount of blood, we become exhausted due to pushing out the baby. It requires so much energy to be able to push the baby out.
  • Doctors will also encourage you to eat better so that you regain all the Vitamins that you lost during the delivery.
  • You might have family and friends to visit you during the first 3 days in the hospital. If you are feeling exhausted, do not be shy to request them to postpone their visit or make it when you will be returned to home.
  • The first 3 days will be the most difficult and critically important for focusing on the breastfeeding and taking care of your own health as well as your baby’s.


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  1. One of the biggest worries for a wife after pregnancy debunked, awesome! So it is possible, there’s only the time factor to consider and although 9-10 months is a long time, I totally understand that priority is to keep the body healthy to recover from the wounds after giving birth. Wait till my wife sees this, it’s hard to convince her to just get a baby.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad that the article’s subject is something you consider talking to your wife. I am glad if this could help both of you to resolve your questions and or problem.

      Wish you all the best to convince your wife to bring a baby into this world! I understand very well that it is not an easy decision.  

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  2. Thanks for this wonderful article How to lose weight after delivery. I gained quite a bit during pregnancy, I also lost some after giving birth, and some was left. I told myself that as long as I was still breastfeeding, I would not be burdened with the weight I gained because the baby comes first. After that, my goal is to reach my ideal weight again, and this article has given me quite a bit of interesting information and tips.
    It was also interesting to read all the processes and changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Thank you so much, Nina! I appreciate your time in reading the article and your kind comment. I also thank you for sharing your experience. When we share our experience, more and more people will learn and benefit from it. 

      I am glad you found it interesting. Glad that out of it, some ideas may help you in your future weight loss goal. I understand that loosing weight after delivery is not an easy thing to do. It takes time as well as patience but trust me! Us women, we are the most courageous and brave creatures in the world. If we can bring a new human into the world by giving birth, we can achieve anything. 

      Friendly greetings to you as well my dear!


  3. This is very helpful post for all the pregnant women and young parents. I love the idea of losing weight on a healthy way! Thank you for helping women around the world. Pregnancy and parenting are the most beautiful thing in this world, and your page is helpful for all. You are doing awesome!

    1. Thank you very much for your time in reading the article and for your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate that. I am glad you liked it and wish it would be helpful same as to all women around the world.

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  4. With your in-depth description of what our bodies undergo during pregnancy, it’s no wonder it takes time to get back to normal!  I assume if a mother breastfeeds, it would take even longer. I like the fact that you focus on allowing our bodies to heal before stressing them even more through weight loss.   I also like your description of thinking about what foods were increased during pregnancy and taking them out of the picture afterwards as a way to get back to a normal weight.  

    This article is full of good sense suggestions.  I wish I had seen it after I had my babies!  Thank you for posting!

    1. You’re very welcome!

      Thank you very much for your time in reading the post and in leaving a comment. I appreciate your encouragement. I am glad you liked it. 

      Yeah, during breast feeding we (mothers) loose more weight in the condition that we do not start over eating. As we breastfeed, we feel hungry more frequently because we loose good vitamins through breast milk which baby gains.  

      Kind regards,


  5. Very informative article. I’ll admit that I was going to skim over it, but then I realized that effort was put into writing this, and It definitely deserved full attention before commenting. You are very correct on this point:  “One of the most important things and yet best way to lose weight is to have sufficient sleep.”  This goes for post pregnancy weight loss, muscle building, recovering from illness, and a number of other health related issues. We generally take sleep for granted, and remain oblivious to the immense therapeutic benefits. I also did not know that  C section required at least two whole years to heal. wow…. thanks for the info.


  6. It is very true that child birth can be really nice but the aftermath can be so awful for some ladies, especially in the aspect of putting up weight and all, so it is important to know about how to get yourself taken care of after childbirth to be able to lose enough weight and Fall back to your banging fitting self. I’ll share this with my wife.

    1. Thank you for sharing as well as your comment. I appreciate your time in reading it. I am glad it was of your use. Yes, as you mentioned in your comment that loosing weight after delivery of the baby takes so much time and patient. I totally agree with you. It is not easy. We have to go through a lot of processes. 

      I wish you and your wife a wonderful journey of parenting.


  7. Isn’t it so fascinating all that our body goes through to grow and carry a baby? Woman are amazing creatures! It would be amazing to see more research done on pregnant woman, and how pregnancy affects the brain of the pregnant woman! This is something I never thought of until you pointed it out!

    Labour with my oldest was my longest and most exhausting! I could not have handled it as well as I did if I had not been healthy and in good shape.  Staying active during pregnancy and feeding your body well is soooo important!  I pushed for 5 hours with my first child and I have to give amazing credit to my midwife as I didn’t have ANY stitches…at all!  

    Nutrition is key to losing whatever weight is needed after having a baby.  Also, as you stated..SLEEP and staying hydrated is also key!  Of course moving your body is important as well.

    Thank you for this article!


    1. Yeah, absolutely agree with you! That’s amazing! women go through a lot of sufferings during pregnancy and delivery. It is absolutely not easy. Bringing a new life into this world is phenomenal and awesome. 

      Yeah, that’s right! me too I had to push for one whole day and finally the baby’s heart rate was low. So that’s why doctors decided to do it C-section. 

      I loved your comment! It tells me that you have read the whole topic and enjoyed it. I am glad you got a new point adding up to your knowledge. That’s an amazing feeling for me to know that my readers are enjoying my articles and liking them.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      I wish you all the best and happy holidays!



  8. Wish that I had read this article after I had my baby. I would have then understood why I didn’t lose my pregnancy weight for a long time after birth. 

    I breastfed so I thought no problem, but I was probably eating more instead of drinking more. I would have also worn tighter fitting clothes as you suggest in your article, as it makes sense to help your muscles realign themselves.

    Do you think it’s the proteins that put on the extra weight or the extra carbs we tend to consume during pregnancy?

    1. Thank you very much for your time in reading the article. I appreciate your honest words and thank you for sharing your own experience for shedding more light in the topic. I am glad you liked it and found it helpful.

      Thank you for your question and please see your answer below:

      I think both are important to reduce based on what you had increased during your pregnancy to gain the required weight as per the recommendation of your doctor in order to bring a healthy baby into the world. It differs from one woman to another. I had to reduce more proteins a year after the delivery because during pregnancy I was recommended by my doctor to have more proteins.

      I hope this will answer your question.


  9. This is an all encompassing discussion of the problem of weight loss after baby, which so many of us have. I gained a lot of weight during my first pregnancy, but about five months after delivery I joined up at the gym and in a short time I was back to my previous weight and dimensions. After the second baby, things were different. She was fussy, allowing me very little time to rest, and looking after 2 very young daughters made me tired almost all the time. I wasn’t able to exercise very much and I kept on this extra weight for a very long time. When I read through the article, i realised that being a mom really changes the whole of you, and you have to push yourself into those habits you mentioned in order to lose the weight, or else it will stay with you for a long time. Thank you

    1. Thank you very much for your time in reading the article and for your comment. I appreciate your time.

      Thank you for sharing your experience as well with the rest of us (mothers). Through experiences we learn certain things and helps all the other mothers feel that they are not alone. Loosing weight, sure is a very hard thing to do specially after delivery. I agree with you! 

      I am glad for your 3 children. God has blessed you and I wish you a very happy journey of parenting in your lifelong. 

      All the best!


  10. This is a good must-read article for all moms out there, mostly after giving birth the attention is shifted to the baby and we neglect ourselves.  But we should not forget that as a mom we must stay healthy so we can give our babies all their needs and attention.  One question though, I know some that are starting to get to physical exercise a month after of giving birth, is there any side effects for this?

    1. Good Christmas morning,

      Thank you so much for your time and your comment. I appreciate you consider writing during this Christmas morning. I wish you and your family a wonderful one.

      Thank you for the question. Yes you can exercise after a month! In the conditions if:

      1. You are not a C-section  (if you are C-section there may be risk of damage to the stitches).

      2. You have no pain  (obviously if you have no pain, its okay. You’re not going to risk anything).

      3. Your body is strong enough and you have the patients to do some exercise because you might not want to worsen the pain by doing some more exercise.

      4. Your doctor recommends you due to whatever valid health reason. 

      5. You feel like doing it due to whatever health reason. In some cases of high blood pressure we might have no choice than to exercise a little everyday.   

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