Organize your baby's room

How to Organize Your Baby’s Room

Having an organized baby room is actually possible if your child learns how to get organized. Yes, that’s right! It is very much possible how to teach a child or even a year old baby how to keep their room organized. In order to do so, we need to give them:

  1. Safe and baby friendly organizers
  2. Proper training
  3. Encouragement and congratulations

1. Safe and baby friendly organizers:

  • Safe and baby friendly organizers are very important tools to have when it comes to teaching or training our baby how to get organized.
  • While choosing the kind of organizers, we need to choose the ones which are easily accessible to our child.
  • We need to make sure to properly install them so that there would be no danger of falling on the kids. As kids often climb on it as a habit.
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Organize your baby's room
Play Corner Or Play Room
Organize your Baby's room
Studying Corner Or Study Room

2. Proper Training:

  • If they play with a toy and leave it on the floor, we could tell them by having eye contact and bending down to get face to face to them and then tell them to let’s go put it back to where it belongs because it does not belong here. While saying it, we need to have a pleasant face expression and do not show any anger or emotions.
  • This takes a lot of patience and it is not very easy to completely ignore either but by repeating the action in the above line, the child learns much faster.
  • It is a quite long term training. It is not going to happen overnight but with consistent training and encouragement, it becomes a lot easier and successfully achievable.
  • Children love to be loved by their parents. So they will absolutely listen to what you say, in order to receive that love and affection. The only thing which is important is how you communicate and how you transform your message into your child’s mind.
  • Before being able to understand this, you need to be able to think like your child. So that you know why your child is doing that. Once you know that answer, the solutions to all challenges get not only possible but also achievable.
Organize your baby's room
Little Corner for Kitchen to teach your baby Kitchen Organization

3. Encouragement and congratulations:

  • While teaching them, we need to use encouraging words as much as possible, in order to motivate them to do so.
  • For every parent it could be different. As some parents may offer some treats to keep their child motivated in having an organized room.
  • Saying some words of encouragement in the situation when your baby and or children have done a great job, is important. By saying some encouraging words, they become more motivated, willing and ready to do so gradually without being pushed, but through their own habit.
  • Depending on the child’s nature, some learn easily and faster while some others learn by taking their own time.
  • Being consistent helps a lot in their long term success. They must receive a lot of encouragement and also we need to congratulate them when they succeed in doing small tasks in becoming more organized.
  • Appreciation and thanking children for the little tasks that they perform towards your goal of getting them trained and to achieve it, is highly beneficial.
  • As we appreciate them, it gives them more and more willingness of doing even more.

Why is it important from an early age to teach our children to become well organized?

Organizational Skills could be build in babies in two most important ways which are really important for their future success and carrier. If children are trained from an early age to get well organized, further in their school; college and university periods it will help them enormously. By providing them with an organized surroundings, they develop mental organization which will further help them in how to organize their ideas within a topic and other studying aspects of it.

Therefore Organizational skills could be:

  1. Physical Organization
  2. Mental Organization
Organize your baby's room
Decoration Corner Or Souvenir Collections

1. Physical Organization:

Teaching our child how to get organized through their own room and all their belongings is very important because like this they will learn how to be well organized at school with their school stationaries and belongings. Often teachers are also having hard time with less organized children. They need to pay extra attention to those children beside their teaching task. In most situations, for teachers also it is beneficial if the kid is more organized and able to take good care of their own belongings. However, with children who have difficulty to do so; teachers end up pushing the children to collect their things from the surface of the class and or all over the place.

2. Mental Organization:

Children learn from their surroundings. If they are growing up in a properly organized surroundings, they adapt it by the passage of time. They get used to being more organized and as a habit it will have a positive affect on their mental organization as well. Their brain becomes more trained to better use the objects in their surroundings and it becomes something automatic in their brain to place those objects back to where they belong after using it. Being mentally organized is very important for their learning method as well as their attention.

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10 responses to “How to Organize Your Baby’s Room”

  1. Rich Gilbert Avatar
    Rich Gilbert

    I wish my room would have been organized growing up. I had a closet and a dresser. It would have been nice to have had more shelves and places to put things away like you show in these pictures. Pictures helps define the message. I think parents should think more about how they plan to organize their baby’s room well before they arrive. This would help with the teaching process of the child and make their life easier. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Gilbert,

      Thank you for the read through and leaving a comment. 

      I agree about the fact that parents, we should invest time, energy and a bit of money as well to prepare a nice and organized room for our babies. Babies grow more smarter and very well organized, if they get to see an organized room since their early ages. Specially if we train them to how to be organized since their early ages. They will adapt and learn how to get organized within their physical environment and as well as their mental organizational skills. Such as organizing their ideas within a story (in a young age), and organizing their ideas within a topic (when they grow up).

      I hope this is going to be something useful for building a better organized room as well as our baby’s adaptation, in order to learn and grow up a more and better organized person. 

      Kind regards,


      P.S. thank you for sharing your own personal experience as well. Us (parents), we learn by sharing experiences. 

  2. Misael H Avatar
    Misael H

    This is literally going to be so useful for my friend because they just had their kid literally two days ago. I embrace my friend very much so I have now gone and taken into my own hands to do the research to help them to organize their little ones bedroom. I think that they will take great joy and reading this article and they will find this information very useful. Thank you for this information

    1. Meena Avatar

      You’re very welcome. I am glad you find it useful and thank you for the read through. I appreciate that.

      Congratulations for your friend’s baby! I hope she is going to like the post. I wish that they find the information helpful.

      Thank you for sharing! 

      Best regards,


  3. Lily Avatar

    I thought that this was a terrific article about helping your child to become not just physically organized but mentally. What great skills these are in our world and such a gift to give your child. I really understand how much time this must take but really worth it when they are older and you are not having to constantly pick up after your child. Even more important it teaches your child to appreciate their things and look after them.

    Great ideas, thanks.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Lily,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read the article. I appreciate your comment. I am glad you found it terrific and useful for both physically and mentally organization of children. I am glad to be able to help other parents in teaching our kids how to be organized. 

      Best regards,


  4. Kokontala Avatar

    Hi, I’ve just read your amazing article about how to organize your baby’s room. I find this post very helpful and educative. I absolutely agree with you about giving our kids proper training on how to get organised. it is also of great importance for them to have safe organizers in their room as you clearly stated. Thank you for sharing such useful information with us. I promise to share this amazing  information further. thank you once again.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Kokontala,

      Thank you very much for the read through. I appreciate your comment. I am glad that you find it helpful and educative. I also thank you for taking the initiative to share it with others. I truly appreciate that.

      With best regards,


  5. Geoff Avatar

    This is an interesting post.  While it is important to teach children to be organised, it is important to let them be children as well.  They learn through play, so they must not be too scared to play in case they mess their room up and get scolded.

    It is therefore important to let them play and mess up as they wish, but when play is over, they must learn to put everything away where it belongs.

    This will give you happy, confident and organised children.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Geoff,

      Thank you very much for returning to visit this site. I am glad to have you here. Sure, I agree with you about the organization part. There is no problem in missing up things BUT they really must learn to put things back where they belong. I know that this is not an overnight happening job. It takes so much training in a positive way and so much effort. As long as we don’t give up, they learn by the passage of time.

      Great points, Geoff! Always a pleasure to hear out your personal experiences and learn more from it. They are also valuable experiences for the rest of our parents.

      Kind regards,


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