How to take care of a baby?

How to take care of a baby?

This content is dedicated to my new parents, who are seeking to become parents for the first time!

Dearest new parents,


Parenting and taking care of your baby is something which will be eventually programed to your brain once you will be going through the whole process of your pregnancy. Pregnancy effects not only your body but also your brain.

Studies and researches have shown through scanning the brain of pregnant women after giving birth to the baby, there were significant differences shown in the scan from before and after pregnancy.

This means, on that 9 to 10 months the neurons of the brain develop through the process of new information about pregnancy and the baby. Therefore whatever your body is going through in that duration, your brain has also developed those new information because every single part of the body is connected to your brain (as we all know).

This process of new information into your brain during that period, allows you to have the natural motherhood instincts. To which you could trust allowing yourself to respond to your needs of better taking care of your baby. So your knowledge comes handy after (the delivery of your baby) to your own facilitation, so as your baby’s.


Same as mothers, fathers also go through the whole process of storing those new information into their brains simply by being closely involved with the mother during the pregnancy periods. The more love and care you have for the mother, the more love and stronger bonding you develop with the baby. Obviously! because your baby is in her womb and their feelings are connected.


  1. reading story books, songs and speaking with the baby (in mother’s womb)
  2. touching and kissing the baby every now and then or at least whenever possible
  3. taking good care of the mother
  4. being present for the mother’s need and care for her needs and wants
  5. helping the mother with each and every problem she possibly faces
  6. accompanying the mother to all her doctor appointments if you can
  7. prevent her from lifting any heavy objects and offer a helping hand when needed
  8. take her out for lunches or dinner once in a while
  9. spend quality time with her to be able to closely listen to her emotions and feelings
  10. before responding negatively to any of her needs, questions and or emotional feelings; always remember what she (her body) is going through.

How to take care of a baby? Or How to take care of your baby?

Beside trusting your own instincts, when you start thinking of how are you going to take care of a baby. First thing which may comes to your mind is to insure that whatever tasks you perform and however, they should be performed safely and securely. There must not be any danger to the baby’s health and safety and that is all what is important at the end.

Take care of a babyFive things which we need to insure while taking care of a baby:

  1. Hold the baby in a way so that your hands cover his entire back bones, shoulders and the neck.
  2. Protect the neck with your hands so that it doesn’t bend and get hurt as the neck is yet very fragile.
  3. Keep the room temperature moderate so that when you and the baby get out, the baby does not experience a sudden temperature change which may result in catching cold and flu or falling sick.
  4. Severe cold causes Asthma to the baby. Protecting the baby from Asthma, he will be protected from many other possible respiratory problems.
  5. Prevent yourself from serving peanuts or any other food which causes allergic reaction until you are sure the baby is not allergic.


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How to take care of a newborn baby? OR How to take care of an infant?

Feeding and Care: 

Feeding the baby is very important and it must be done within the required timing for example for the first day a baby can be feed for 5 to 10 minutes at each breast within every 20 minutes. The baby should be lift for that required duration because for the first 3 days after delivery, the milk flow is very slow and in less quantity.

It is very important to feed the baby properly so that the meconium gets out, which is stored in your baby’s stomach from the times when he was in your womb.

Feeding the baby properly is also very important during his first 3 days of life because it prevents his bilirubin level from going up which causes Jaundice. Many other possible diseases could be prevent through mother’s milk.


Below are the best baby care products which are essential for our everyday use!


Safety and Care:

New born babies are very fragile. They must be handled with so much care and attention. While holding a new born baby you need to insure to hold them properly. If you are alone in the hospital with the baby, do not hold him while walking. Leave the baby inside the bassinet and wheel through out the hallway. Doing so, will protect the baby from falling (in case you faint) and getting injured.

Babies should always be lift in a safe place which should be visible to all the family members in order to avoid stepping up on them. Specially when they are sleeping. You may use little cribs in a corner of your house to insure they are safe.

Babies should not be lift alone with another sibling who are older than them because sometimes they may put their fingers into the baby’s eyes and some other possible risks. There are also some other possibilities such as chocking the baby by putting something into their mouth.

While sleeping at night, if your baby sleep in his crib that’s best for both of you and your baby’s safety. Some babies do not sleep at their crib at all. In that case it is best to use baby beside bassinette to make sure the baby doesn’t get suffocated or choked when you are sleeping.

Definitely as babies grow, their safety measures and precautions also change. For example when the baby starts crawling, we need to put some barriers to block the ways so that they do not fall off the stairs.

Some babies love to just bring down the whole dishes from the kitchen cabinets, so we have no choice to put some locks all over the doors to prevent them from touching a sharp object and get hurt.

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The baby’s skin should be cleaned with a very soft cotton cloth, rinsed with lukewarm water. Use a baby soap to clean the cloth only. Do not apply the soap directly to baby’s skin. It is not a doctor’s suggestion to do so but I am telling you from my own experience because later on your baby may develop Eczema and itchiness in the skin.

You are not obliged to give a bath to your baby every single day because doing so will cause Eczema. Instead, whenever necessary you could apply clean and soft cotton cloth to wipe your baby’s skin very gently. They will be fine having a bath after every one or two days.

Cleanliness essential daily used products to best meet our baby’s daily needs!


How to take care of a newborn baby’s skin?

Like I said above, we just have to insure they do not develop Eczema. We need to apply lotions which are perfume free and Hypoallergenic. Their clothes should ideally be 100% cotton to make sure they do not make an allergic reaction from any other fabrics.

Their nails should be trimmed to insure they do not scratch their skin, specially their face. It should be done while they are sleeping because at that time they do not move their hands that could cause injury, if failed to do so safely.

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If you would like to find out what happens in the hospital for the first 3 or more days, please watch below video. The video is about caring for your new born.



Thank you very much for reading through the article. I hope you enjoyed reading and that it helped in responding to any of your questions.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. Please DO remember to like and share!


Wish you best of luck in your journey of parenting!





10 responses to “How to take care of a baby?”

  1. Julai Avatar

    I have been a nanny for many years before having my own kids, but I had been taking care of bigger kids, so having a baby for the first time was a completely new situation to me even if I was used to taking care of kids. Taking care of baby is completely different than bigger kids and the fear that something might happen to the baby is really strong. I remember being paranoid by checking my baby’s breathing every now and then and my husband was already concerned why I keep on doing it, but it’s mother’s instinct, I just have to be assured that my baby is breathing. 

    I hope a lot of mothers-to-be can read this article to help them navigate motherhood for the first time.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Jullai,

      Thank you for the read through and offering a comment. I appreciate your time. 

      That’s right! Being a Mom for the first time is quite stressful if we are not prepared for it mentally and gain some good know-how by doing some researches in advance. That’s why in this article I mentioned those points which normally we need to know prior to having our baby for the first time.

      Thanks for sharing your own experience as well. We sure learn from each other’s experiences.

      Kind regards,


  2. Chris Avatar

    This is a very informative article for new parents.  I think it’s a good refresher for grandparents as well.  I like how you have specific information for mom and dad.  They both have their life changing forever for the good. Babies are God’s best blessings. 

    Very informative and I will recommend it to new parents.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for the read through and the comment.

      I agree, babies are God’s best blessings. 

      Thanks again, I am glad you liked the content. Thank you for the initiative of sharing it to new parents. I appreciate that.

      Kind regards,


  3. DashDNations Avatar

    There’s some great information in here, there are so many variables but a lot of the thing in here can apply to different situations and different moments. It’s quite helpful. There can be a lot of ways this can be helpful and it was a great layout that was readable and understandable. It’s a good start for people who have no idea where to begin.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Dash,

      Thank you so much for the read through. I am glad you found the article helpful in a lot of ways. It really makes me feel happy in the heart. That would be great to be able to help! 

      I would be glad to share my knowledge and 12 years of experience as a mother with the new Moms who are looking to become parents for the first time. 

      I keep doing my researches and share my knowledge and sometimes I even hear from the experienced parents about how useful and worth sharing they found this site! And this makes me extremely happy and I feel very honored in my heart.

      Thanks again for your beautiful thoughts!

      Kind regards,


  4. Nuttanee Avatar

    I have never thought that taking a baby can be this hard from what I saw my grandmother and my mom took care of us, it seems effortless and just came to them naturally but not me. Thanks for sharing the list of activities that we can do with the baby for the brain development. Thanks for sharing this tips again! I will make sure to follow them and ask my mom non stop as well. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Nuttanee,

      Thank you for your time in reading the content and your comment. I really appreciate that. I know! It really comes naturally to our MOMS and Grand Moms. As they have learnt through life experience. 

      I was thinking exactly like you about myself in regards to taking care of babies but with days and nights of studies and google searches, I learnt. I still remember the thick book which was given to me by the hospital. Fortunately, I had finished that twice and knew everything in and out about babies prior to my baby’s birth. I consider myself really fortunate and am really grateful of my efforts and the opportunity which was provided to me.

      I am pretty sure you would do to one day, when the time comes for you.

      Wish you lots of success and prosperity,


  5. Geoff Avatar

    Your post has brought back wonderful memories of when my children were babies.

    As a new parent you always feel very awkward and while the baby must be handled with care, they are not nearly as fragile as they look, but a takes a few weeks to get used to them and stop treating them like they are made of glass.  Protecting the head and neck are the main concerns.

    After I had bathed or changed my babies, I liked to use baby oil to gently massage them.  I had read somewhere that gentle massage was good for them.

    But I think the main thing for every new parent to remember is to enjoy every second of it.  When you have to get up in the middle of the night, think of it as an extra opportunity to spend precious time with them, as they really do grow up very fast.  Believe me, it goes past like a twinkling of an eye.  Each stage is very very precious, as they can never be repeated.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Geoff,

      Thank you very much for the read through and your very kind comment. I appreciate that.

      I agree, they do grow up very fast and each of their growth stages leave us with good and sweet memories. Thank you for sharing your own experiences and valuable advices. I am sure they will be helpful to many new parents.

      Kind regards,


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