Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate Review

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate Review

Research your keywork at jaaxy
Research your keywork at jaaxy. The keyword research tool (Jaaxy) which we use within Wealthy Affiliate for our keyword research technique, I found it one of the best strategy (of choosing our Niche) for all the researchers and writers including myself.


Introducing you the efficient keyword research tool Jaaxy: About Jaaxy:

As you can see on top of this page there is a keyword research tool Jaaxy is one of the most efficient keyword search tool which I have used to find out about all my keyword searches regarding all the contents which I have written so far. I found it one of the most powerful tool.

This is a very good way to find out for what people are looking the most so that we reach them for help. It gives us the exact numbers of searches as well as the traffic.

Keywords used for content fine and gross motor skills:

Below link will take you to the Jaaxy search site.



In Jaaxy we can also search where our website is located in google. Below picture is an example which shows your Website position within which page and in which position.


Website Page & Position No. in google!

About Wealthy Affiliate:

Earn with Multiple Streams of Passive & Residual Income 100% Online!

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is the most active and helpful community on the internet.

Members of the community on Wealthy Affiliate will follow and welcome you as they are truly highly educated and helping spirit people. The values on which the community is built, is based on paying forward for the help you received which is the best way to increase values in humanity and a truly being humble quality in mankind.

Create your username, post a picture in order to identify yourself and write about yourself on your post for introduction purpose.

If you would like to improve your knowledge through research and studies, if you would like to help people by your research and share your true knowledge and values with them, if you would like to study the entrepreneurship, if you would like to built your own website by choosing a niche online which will then become your business to promote then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for you to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick skim. It will take some time to build your own online website and business meanwhile you are learning. You will be supported with the mentor and the founder called Kyle and Carson through their online lessons which you can replay anytime you want. You will also receive the help and support of all the highly educated and pure hearted community members who value the learning and improvement of people like myself and anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their lives, the lives of their family, loved ones and their community.

This is a referral review page in which I would like to let you know all about Wealthy Affiliate and if you would decide to join Wealthy Affiliate all the offers as explained below will remain the same for you as if you decide to go all by yourself but if you decide to join through my referral, I would get a small commission. You will lose absolutely nothing but to help me which I will be very thankful of.

Working with Wealthy Affiliate I realized that you can create a business online doing something that you LOVE and that you are passionate about.

The Internet affords us all this opportunity. With over 550 MILLION products/services you can promote as an affiliate marketer (that is just one monetization model), there is a great deal of opportunity regardless of the direction you choose.

Within the core training, WA encourages folks to choose a direction where it doesn’t feel like “work”, rather it is something that is enjoyable. Building a business can be fun, and it should be.

As shown in the picture below, learning from the websites and commenting on them is fun. It does not sound like work but more of learning in a fun and interesting way. Besides, as you can see doing so we earn credits which is good.

Wealthy Affiliate platform-site comment!

Check out the comparison below:


If you are convinced to join Wealthy Affiliate, here is a free domain where you could build your website:





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