Physical Activities

Physical Activities


Physical Activity
Physical Activity

Physical activities:

Like educational activities, physical activities are also critically essential for toddlers and kids because they extremely need to invest their energy on an educational, playful, positive and learning environment.

Once their energy is invested hastily either through indoor or outdoor physical activities or sports, they will feel calm, relaxed, healthy, happy and active in sense of being present and fully concentrated.

Physical activity is very important for the growth and well-being of your child. It is also very important to keep their minds fresh and always ready to learn and improve.

Through physical activities kids could learn many things and improve many skills while playing. Remaining engaged in physical activities, kids could discover new things and it also has a great impact on the development of fine and gross motor skills.

As I mentioned about indoor and outdoor physical activities, at Educational baby toys we have vast varieties.

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Examples of 5 Best Indoor/Outdoor Physical Activities:

Indoor Playground Toddler Climber Slide – Kids Jungle Gym Playset – Activity Toddler Climber Structure – Play Gym Swedish Ladder – Climbing Play Structure Set – Adventure Dome Slide set – Sport wood

Indoor physical activity
Indoor Physical Activity

REAL WOOD PLAYGROUND- the climbing frame for toddlers is made of natural wood. There is no harmful plastic. The jungle gym parts are well polished and varnished.

  • PERFECT INDOOR CLIMBING FRAME- the ecofriendly toddler climbing play set has a perfect height for kids aged 2 to 5-6 years – 51 inch (130 Sm.) The size of kids playground is enough & to include the slide and climbing ladders.
  • MONKEY BARS – indoor kids gym has both entertaining and educational features, the playground set create the area for kids and parents to play together, support each other, enjoy family time!
  • GYM FOR KIDS- the monkey bar with climbing ladder, climbing net and slide is a wonderful playground for kids to gather together and have fun!
  • HIGH QUALITY PLAYSET FOR KIDS- the kid gym equipment is compact, easy to assemble and it doesn’t take much space. The playground with a slide can become a favorite play spot for your kids!

Physical activity, Little tikes
Physical activity, Little tikes

Little Tikes 7′ Climb ‘N Slide Trampoline

  • Two zipper enclosures to promote safe play
  • Durable, high-quality pad protector covers the safety springs
  • Safety foam covers all exposed metal
  • Frame made of durable blow-molded plastic
  • Designed for home outdoor use only

ACTION AIR Bounce House, 5×7 Foot Inflatable Bounce Castle with Blower, Kids Mini Bouncy House for Outdoor and Indoor, Durable Sewn with Extra Thick Material, Idea for Kids 3-4 Yrs Old

physical activity, Indoor inflatable slide
physical activity, Indoor inflatable slide

  • SAFE FOR KIDS: This bouncy castle is approved with a Children Product Certificate and has satisfied CPSC tests. Air leak from all the seams is necessary because the bouncy house for kid is inflated by constant air flow and this leakage is required to stop the playground sets for backyards becoming over-inflated.
  • EXTRA THICK WITH LARGE JUMPING AREA: Durable Sewn and extra thick jumping and sliding area. Inflated size 7.05’L×5.05’W×4.6’H(ft). The backyard play house is surrounded by 3 sides of mesh safety netting to protect your children from falling while jumping. The bouncy house for kids indoor/outdoor can easily fit multiple children at one time with a maximum weight of 200 pounds.
  • EASY SET UP IN A MINUTE: Set-up and take down is easily done in 1 minutes. This inflatable playhouse is portable and perfect for the park, garage, backyard, etc. This bounce house for kids includes the bouncer, air blower, repair patches, lawn stakes and a portable carrying bag. Easy to use and carry!
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: This bounce castle is perfect for gifts and holidays. A great gift for your children any time of the year. Perfect for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or to keep little ones busy in summer. The Action Air Bouncer will delight all children!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Top one qualify manufacture for indoor/outdoor bounce house, Designed by Action Air in America. Action Air is committed to providing consumers with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products. All of our bouncy house qualify for a 12-month warranty, our service team will provide premium service to help solve any problem.

Bouncy Castles Home Children’s Playground Indoor Boy Girl Slide Outdoor Inflatable Toy Indoor Circus Trampoline Game Fence (Color : Color, Size : 300 * 360 * 210cm)

physical activity, inflatable castle

  • Multiple Activity Areas: This inflatable castle has a cartoon shape, with slides, trampolines, etc., which not only allows children to enjoy a variety of fun, but also helps children to develop height and solve their parents’ troubles.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly material|:The inflatable castle is made of oxford material. It is internationally certified, safe and environmentally friendly. The double sewing design makes this inflatable castle stronger.
  • Safety Design: Trampoline, surrounded by heightening design to ensure children’s safety during play, and to allow maximum ventilation, more importantly, through toy, parents can pay attention to children’s dynamics in real time to prevent accidents.
  • Easy to carry: Children’s toys can be inflated with an air pump in a few minutes, easy to carry and fold, you can carry it to any place you like, such as parks, lawns, etc.

labebe – Baby Rocking Horse, Pink Ride Unicorn, Kid Ride on Toy for 1-3 Year Old, Infant (Boy & Girl;) Plush Animal Rocker, Toddler Child Stuffed Ride Toy for Outdoor & Indoor;, Nursery Child Birthday Gift

  • physical activity toysAward-winning – The unicorn design won the award from Melbourne and Nuremberg toys exhibition for the fabulous plush animal design. The structure and rocking horse appearance are all originally designed. It is specially cute and sturdy. You will only find those ride on unicorn, plush rocking horse in this site, your kids will be extremely surprised and happy to have such a wooden rocking horse for birthday gift or Christmas gift.
  • Perfect Soft for Baby Skin – The filled PP cotton are all well stitched inside the plush fabric, sewing are neatly done, baby’s little but is completely protected by softness and you won’t find any fiberfill come out from corner, Unicorn will stay solid even when roughly pulled by babies. The abundant pp cotton are spread evenly at every corner, this ensures the comfort. Your child will enjoy it with this baby ride, baby rocking horse. This animal rocker, rocker toy will be a BFF.
  • Sturdy Structure – Solid wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) are used to make the structure, solid but not too heavy to rock. The wooden structure and rails are rounded and examined manually, to give a smooth surface, not to scratch kids’ clothes and skin. All the Materials are strict to the Toys Safety Standards ASTM/CE F963 in USA and EN75 CE in Europa. This unicorn rides on, child rocker will make you child safe growth as a baby riding toy, rocker infant.
  • 3-Side Seat with Belt – Seat designed for small kids who have less balance capability than older kids, a 3-sides high rack seat guarantees that kids will always be protected while rocking, also the racks are well stuffed with pp. cotton, leaning against it won’t hurt a hair, just pure comfort! Also, it is a suitable rocking horse chair or toddler rocking horse, a must-have rocking horse 1 year old girl. So the girls rides on, riding unicorn is suitable to you baby due to its plush rocker.
  • Certified Safe Material – The 3rd generation plush fabric is soft, stain-resistant and pill-free. Stains can be removed by wet rag with baking soda powder. The PP cotton used is breathable in summer. Solid wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) are used to structure but not too heavy to rock. Material are strict to Toys Safety Standards EN-71 CE in European and ASTM F963 in US. All of these make it a suitable rocking horse nursery or rocking chair for kid.

Hyper Activity:

Physical activities are also best recommended in day cares and schools and day camps because they help prevent children suffering from a mental disease called (ADHA) stands for Attention Deficit Hyper Activity.

These children’s brain process is way too much faster than normal people. Due to this fast exchange of information in their brain, they remain extremely active, they can not remain calm for a second and concentrate. They could easily loose school materials and could lack organization in their materials and daily chores.

There are Omega 3 supplements available both for children and adults who are suffering from above mentioned ADHA disease which can really change their lives. Omega 3 is made of fish oil which is best recommended by doctors for increase and improvement of concentration in order to relax and boost the brain along its process and proper functioning.

They should always be engaged in an activity which keep them busy and help them to calm down. Children who deal with hyper activity should never be allowed to watch TV for long or extended hours during the day or in their normal routines. Encouraging them to read books as much as possible will help them a lot in the control of their hyper activity.

There are some soft toys which will help them with their concentration simply by holding and squeezing it. For this you would have to first seek the permission of their daycare or school’s teachers. In 95% of cases teachers will accept it. The rare 5% which they might not accept what you are proposing as a soft toy is that it must not be too much fancy or distracting for those little kids surrounded by yours, so that they could concentrate better in their studies. As you see they have a good and valid reason not to accept it but again it depends on your selection as supposed to that toy.

Thriving ADHD workbook for kids to understand their ADHD and live happier and healthier lives!

physical activities
physical activities

For millions of kids who live with ADHD, feelings of loneliness, frustration, and helplessness are all too common. Thriving with ADHD is a workbook specially designed to help kids with ADHD develop essential skills for managing their ADHD symptoms, while also providing a powerful message of hope and encouragement for their future.

In Thriving with ADHD family therapist Kelli Miller draws upon both her professional expertise, and her experience as the mother of two ADHD children, to help kids re frame the way they think about ADHD and discover that they have special talents that are unique to them. With fun activities that engage their busy minds, Thriving with ADHD offers kids a better understanding of themselves, their ADHD, and the simple things they can do to feel more confident and in control.

Thriving with ADHD includes:

  • An overview of ADHD that includes common symptoms, ADHD types, how ADHD can be an asset, and areas where kids could use additional support.
  • Exercises that build helpful skills for dealing with anger, staying focused, controlling impulses, and making mindful decisions.
  • Action-oriented lessons for daily life that teach practical tools such as creating a morning routine, making a homework chart, and expressing themselves when they’re upset.
  • Techniques for self-regulation and organization that help kids handle any emotion or obstacle, so they can spend their energy having fun and just being kids!

Though ADHD is very common, its symptoms can make life challenging for kids. Through the knowledgeable guidance and support in Thriving with ADHD kids will see that ADHD isn’t in charge of their lives, they are!


If you’re a new parent, these information hopefully will help you to start. I know that these are very basic information that majority of you may already know but sometimes even though we know things we don’t somehow unwantedly pay attention or we realize it when it is too late. Stick with me, I will tell you how due to what I experienced. My son was too bright for his first class. I should have had him pass a test and admit him in a higher level but due to luck of experience, I did not realize it on the spot. When I realized, it was too late. He already spent half of a year in the class that he shouldn’t be at the first place.

We learn by our experience. We always wish to go back in time and rewind to apply things we know now to back then but unfortunately it is not always possible for normal people except if you believe in some rare scientific cases, probably!

There are many things we do not know in the beginning but through researches, studies and through living those true moments and final out coming those moments we learn.

We learn it by passage of time and of course by putting this knowledge (through research and studies) in practice, as knowledge and being aware of something means absolutely nothing without putting them in practice.


In order to have a balanced and healthy living, physical activity has been proved to best meet this need. It is best for babies, kids and children of all ages and, us adults. Physical activities also play a huge role in mental health and well-being.

The main conclusion is that wither it is day care or school, home or outside, physical activity has always been important since the beginning and continues to be there always due to its major benefits of physical and mental health.

My main objective in building this website specially this content is to share some experience and knowledge with you through writing some contents which hopefully be useful for you in terms of your knowledge and research.

We help respond your questions from these contents and direct you in your research of products you are looking for and provide sincere answers to your questions.

If ever you needed help with something, please feel free to let us know below. We would love to help you with that.

Best of luck with all your lifelong journey of parenting!


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