Educational Baby Toys Review

Review Educational Baby Toys

Educational Baby Toys:

At Educational Baby Toys parents receive parenting tips and help in Early Childhood Educational Development through Educative contents & Multilingual toys and tools to enhance baby’s learning in their early ages.

You will also learn about following:

Letting your babies be engaged in physical activities using the right objects such as soft and harmless as well as educative toys could lead to normal and hence ideal motions or movements which they need to grow rather than them being exposed to the digital world.

Babies from the ages of 0 to 3 years need different variety of toys to improve their different body part’s motions. Growth of their body at this age depends on proper movements which can easily be stimulated by some audio toys with music hanging further to them. This can absorb their attention and could lead to the movement of their head and neck which is the most important task for their body to preform during these ages. As their neck and head moves, the size of their skull also gradually increases which is very critical for the growth of their brain cells and tissues.

Their hands movement also improve through little colorful toys which they can hold and also bite. Through biting, they are able to differentiate one object with other as the sense of touch is not built in them yet meaning that through touching they can not differentiate between soft and hard objects when they are as little as 0 to 9 months, they could also know wither an object is hard or soft only through tasting by their mouth.

As they grow older, at the ages of 1 to 2 years their engagement in physical activities through different amusing objects becomes critical for their body movements in the improvement of their motor skills which then leads to more successfulness when they grow up older and specially when they participate in some physical activities or sports.

My core values, based on what I built this website (Educational Baby Toys):

  • My core values, based on what I am building this website is to encourage multiculturalism, pluralism, getting you the tools to be able to teach and educate your children as well as helping them speak in many languages, including the language of love and kindness.
  • Human nature, specially our children! we are always craving for the love and attention of our loved ones. We are in craving of our parent’s engagement with our daily activities wither it is school or home or outdoor, we always look for ways to seek attention from our parents. As I see it for myself through my own children, by my own side then I accept the fact that there are for sure more children out there who love, enjoy and adore the engagement of their parents through different activities.
  • I am certain there are hundreds of useful tools such as books and toys and many more cool staff which keeps your children engaged healthily.

What could the use of this site actually get you?

  • Through the Affiliate website – you could get referred to thousands of educative, developmental, skillful and useful products, books and toys for your babies and kids. Affiliate members have a system through which they can offer you some wide variety of valid and efficient keywords you use in order to find the products that you want and you are looking for.
  • There are some cool, easy to use and safe toys for your baby’s first steps.
  • Through this site, with the right keywords you could also get access to some toys which can help build your baby’s language developmental skills.
  • There are also some bilingual audio (English and French) toys which is the best recommendation for your baby’s language development.
  • We could also look for some tri-lingual toys chances are that we may even come across some toys in more than 3 languages.

You have access to my website where you could leave all your comments and feedback. We would very much love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to write.

Wish you all the best!






25 responses to “Review Educational Baby Toys”

  1. S. Sarw Avatar
    S. Sarw

    Very attractive article for newbie parents, I think the young generation is so lucky to live in the STEM area, it is a great opportunity to get more information from different sources.
    My kids are adults, but I absolutely recommend young parents to read your articles.
    I appreciate your hard work and sharing your knowledge.
    All the best for your personal and professional life.
    Best Regards. Sarwary

  2. Rich Gilbert Avatar
    Rich Gilbert

    Wow, You have added a lot of reviews to this website for Baby Toys! I have always loved the toys that stimulate learning. Back when I was younger but out of college, I had the opportunity to hang out with friends that had kids. Seeing them build with blocks or legos was rewarding. Nowadays, electronics have changed things so much. They learn fast. It is good to keep watch on them when they are learning and make sure they are focused on the good things. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Girlbert,

      Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your time in going through the content and offering a comment. 

      Yes, I agree that the electronics have eased the learning process for the babies now a days. But since they are new born the most important thing is parent’s conversation on a regular basis including reading books. Electronic toys are also good and I would suggest them from 3 months onward. 

      Some toys which are specially designed for new born babies, could be used as per recommended. Such as baby rattles for hanging on the car seat, musical toy on the crib of the baby and soft music. Hope you find these suggestions useful.

      Kind regards,


  3. Jim-Kelly Avatar

    Hi, thank you for this post. I agree with you on this. It is very important to choose the right toys for kids. Personally, I have 2 little children, I saw them grow and develop so quick, I am sure the toys played a big part into their development. First my son, he enjoyed a piano toy so much and would laugh and dance at the same time. Thank you for this site, I am sure it is helping a lot  of people, keep doing the good job.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Jim,

      Thank you for the read through. I appreciate your comment. 

      Yes indeed, choosing the right toy at the right age is very important for the learning process of the baby. 

      Thank you for sharing your own experience with your children’s early ages and their proper development. 



  4. LineCowley Avatar

    It is so important to choose safe and also educational toys for your baby and kids, and it is often the new parents that are not sure what to look for. It is great that you provide a lot of information in one place, which makes it a lot easier for parents to find suitable educational toys and make a decision. As babies grow and develop, their need for different educational toys also change, so we have to watch them and continue to stimulate them to continue learning.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Line,

      Thank you for the read through and your comment. I appreciate that.

      I agree, educational toys are the best way through which babies and children learn and playing and have fun. Beside, it is good for their growth and healthily development of their brain.

      Kind regards,


  5. Julai Avatar

    I am a mother of 2 small boys (3 and 1 years old) and am always constantly looking for educational toys for them that are appropriate to their age. I would be coming back here often to check your newest recommendations. 

    #1 is so crazy about cars. Are they considered educational? I am not sure, but even if they’re not he is learning a lot about cars by just playing with them all day long.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Julai,

      You’re very welcome whenever you want to come back to this side. I would be happy to help. 

      In response to your question, any toy could be educational if used with an educational purpose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an audio or sound optimized toy which teaches songs, alphabets and numbers. 

      While he is playing with the car, you could engage yourself to make it educational by asking questions about which features his car have? You could ask questions which stimulates his knowledge and understanding about cars. He could also learn about speed, distance, force, motion and types of motion such as fast motion of engines or slow motion. What happens if he applies more force? or the contraire. 

      So in my point of view, cars could be educational if us (parents) we help our children in seeing it as educational by proper stimulation with the help of our questions and good education.

      I hope it responds to your question,


  6. DashDNations Avatar

    I’ve seen some crazy toys now a days that can help development and child learning. I’ve even seen a toy that teaches babies rudimentary code. The way I learned letters and numbers with blocks and shaped with those put the piece in the hole toy. Now kids are learned the language of coding before they can even speak full sentences. I think I need one to start retraining my brain to understand code.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello dear,

      Well yeah, coding has become very popular now a days. I am seeing many parents rushing through coding online courses to their children and they are pretty darn expensive. Recently, we wanted to consider taking one semester for my own children, the cost for both was 3K per semester. It sounded insane to me.

      Anyways, I wouldn’t jump into that kind of thing for right now.

      Thanks for passing by!

  7. Geoff Avatar

    This is an excellent and very important post.

    So many parents are ignorant of the need to get their children the right developmental toys at the right stages of development.  These toys could have a major impact on their development and so many are missing out on the opportunity.

    Many parents seem to think that education is only for the school teacher!  How sad.

    It shocks me at the number of toddlers you see glued to a tablet or phone watching programs, while out and about in their buggy.  They should be looking around and learning all about their environment.

    Thanks for sharing.  I hope that many parents read this and learn of the important role toys play.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Geoff,

      Thank you very much for sharing the valuable insights. I appreciate that. I completely agree with all your points and I am glad to have heard from your worthy experience.

      Kind regards,


  8. Edith Frey Avatar
    Edith Frey

    Hi Meena
    I am really into STEM learning for the new generation; if they don’t experience the STEM education, they will be left behind.
    I like your article; I would like to see in your article more specific examples on the type of toy, books, etc.

    Good job and good luck
    Edith Frey

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hi Frey,

      Thank you so much for the read through. I appreciate your comment. I agree about the importance of knowing basics of STEM education. Certainly I will look into your request. It sounds like a good suggestion.

      Glad to have you as a site visitor and please DO come back again.

      Kind regards,


    2. Meena Avatar

      Hello Edith Frey,

      Well, first of all I would like to thank you for submitting or offering your valuable suggestion. I really appreciate that.

      I would like to take a few seconds to write to let you know that as per your suggestion, I added up a link to the post (STEM Education) which will take you to Amazon where you could see all the STEM Toys in one place. I hope you like them and that you find what you were looking for.

      If you have any other suggestions or questions, please feel free to ask them. I would be more than happy to help you out.

      With best regards,


  9. Edith Frey Avatar
    Edith Frey

    Hi Meena
    I am really into STEM education for the little ones. It is so important for the new generation. I like the post you wrote, I just would like to see more specific examples on the type of toys, book, etc.
    Good job and good luck.

    Edith Frey

  10. Bogadi Avatar

    This is a beautiful idea , that is not given the attention it deserves. Educational toys are such crucial part of learning and developments for babies and for kids of all age .Kids actually learn best when they play. toys  are the best and recommended ways for kids to develop their motor skills.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Bogadi,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read the content and offering a comment. I am glad you liked the idea and yes, I agree that it is not given the attention it deserves based on how important it is on the growth and learning of babies and children.

      Yes, you are absolutely right! Toys play a very important role in building and developing the motor skills of children.

      Thank you for the visit. Please DO come back again.

      With kind regards,


  11. Mike Avatar

    Hi there, Meena! I personally do not have children but I know a lot of people who do! I feel like parenting for new parents is always one of the most challenging of experiences. There seems to be many things to juggle with trying to nourish the child well, be provided with the basic necessities, be happy, learning, and having fun. The site you offered seems to be able to kill 2 birds with one stone: having fun while learning. I am going to suggest this site to a couple of new parents that I know. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for visiting this website. Also thank you very much for the read through and offering your valuable insights as a comment. 

      I absolutely agree about the fact that becoming a new parent is full of challenges and surely a learning process in which we learn and experience new things by each passing days and weeks as the baby grows. It is not really easy to become a good parent but it is not impossible either. It takes a lot of effort and of course time as well. In the end this endless journey leave us with a lot of valuable knowledge and experience.

      Best of luck,   

  12. Rachel Avatar

    This is a great website for young parents who are looking into toys for their young children and don’t know where to start looking. I think as parents it is easy to think you need to buy anything and everything for your child but sites like yours really help narrow down exactly what is needed for a young child’s best development.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Rachel,

      Thank you very much for the read through and offering your kind insights. I appreciate that. 

      By developing this website my main goal in mind was to share my experience and knowledge with all the new parents over there who are seeking for information online. I am positive that this website has been developed exactly as my vision in mind prior to its development. I hope all the visitors of this website finds it as helpful either.

      Thank you I am glad you found the idea helpful.



  13. Nektarios Avatar

    As a father to be in a couple of months, I am more than interested in your article. Reading it, I realized that there is a lot of thought put behind today’s toys. In my mind toys that can help children develop their intellectual and social skills are of the most importance. I will be taking a further look at educational baby toys. Thanks for the great article Meena.

    Nektarios Tsakas

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Nek. Tsakas,

      Thank you very much for the read through and I am glad for having you as a website visitor. 

      Welcome to Educational Baby Toys.

      I am glad that my article caught your best interest. This shows me I am well on my way of doing the best I can to help all the new parents including yourself. 

      You’re most welcome to visit all the posts and articles of Educational Baby Toys. I would be more than happy to have helped as much people as possible through these articles. I would be glad to share my knowledge and experience being a parent for over a decade now. 

      I am positive that you may find pretty much every peace of information you need as a new parent. If ever you needed any help with a subject or any suggestions and questions, please feel free to write them in the comment  section below of each post and I will respond as soon as I can, to help you. 

      Best regards,


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