STEM Education

STEM EDUCATION-Are your kids involved?

STEM Education


Stem Education Definition:

What is STEM education?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education combines all 4 (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) into one discipline because they are interconnected to one another.


The Importance of STEM Education:

STEM education has been proven one of the most essential learning subject. Due to its importance in application of STEM education in the real life examples. In today’s advanced technology children are more involved in STEM education. Schools offer science classes along with Lab equipment to provide good STEM education. It is important for our children to be able to solve real world problems and challenges they are facing and it wouldn’t be made possible without knowing STEM education.

When children are given projects, they are given opportunity to struggle which leads to more thinking to the resolution of problems. Opportunities to face some challenges due to which they can implement logical thinking and problem solving. It helps build and strengthen their critical thinking capability.

I have provided a video as below which I would like you to watch. It is about an awesome resource which provides STEM education to children. It is called Groovy Lab in a Box. It is about STEM educational program and the advantages of stem education.


Find out in the video what each box carries!




What Groovy Lab in a box offers?


  1. STEM education different activities: Offer STEM education for children ages 4-7 and also for ages 8+.
  2. STEM Base Education: It teaches the base STEM education through their detailed instruction’s booklet which is included in their box.
  3. STEM Education Reform: Support implementation of higher education reforms.
  4. STEM Education Research: It provides research projects for children from which they can learn and experiment.
  5. STEM Education Preschool: Children who are in preschool could participate in this program.
  6. STEM Education Elementary Schools: It also could be provided to children who are in elementary school who wants to participate.
  7. STEM Education & Curriculum: An extra certification of such courses are another advantage in jobs curriculums.
  8. Why STEM Education is Important: Because it is the key to success for children in their real life.
  9. Facts about STEM Education: Stem education is based on real life facts. It is what we experience in our life everyday. We subconsciously experiment it in our daily life. Through the program Groovy Lab in a box we are provided with opportunity to teach our children and to help how they will be able to make an income in their future careers.
  10. Needs of STEM Education: The needs of STEM education can not be over emphasized in our daily living.
  11. STEM Education and Kids: Step education is very interesting subject for kids as they are naturally good explorers and seekers.
  12. STEM Education Ideas: At Groovy Lab in a Box, you could find out around 100 different educative and fun activity ideas to expose your children with.
  13. Purposes of STEM Education: Students will be able to have their hands on learning. They are able to learn, experiment and explore science and engendering in a Lab environment where they can implement the real life examples and experiences.
  14. Fun Facts of Stem Education: Groovy Lab in a box has made STEM education fun and easy to learn for children. Each box includes different kinds of fun activities with a colored book of about 25 pages. In which every step of the experiment activity is explained in details.
  15. STEM Education Concepts: The concept of STEM education is to teach your child Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  16. STEM Science Education: Science is one of the subjects which is included in STEM education. Students are able to learn about different law of nature in Science. In STEM education they are provided with the opportunity of hands on learning to learn and experiment all the 4 subjects at once.

Below image will direct you to the Website of Groovy Lab in a box where you could find out about all the above as listed:


Below I have shown you all the 4 different Subscription Options. Please click on the respective images below to be directed for subscriptions.

Would you like to make a tour of the Lab and find out what’s going on? Watch below video!

Below, I have shared a very informative video which I would like you to watch. So that you find out about the extra ordinary education that Groovy Lab in a Box offers to children through their own words. 


You will receive a box full of everything you need including a booklet, to perform experimental activities in 4 subjects combined together (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  


Below I have shown you all the 4 different Subscription Options. Please click on the respective images below to be directed for your subscription. As you can see four different subscriptions have different prices but as compared to what they offer, the price is reasonable and affordable.


Click on the respective images as shown below to Subscribe!

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19 thoughts on “STEM EDUCATION-Are your kids involved?

  1. Hello there!

    That is an enlightening piece you have there. I think I have underestimated the importance of STEM education for kids before now but after reading this piece I got to realize that it is indeed very important for kids. I will get a box for my little sibling. I hope it makes a good impact on her.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through the article.

      Sure, STEM education is something one would definitely consider exposing their child with as our entire life depends on it.

      Thank you for your purchase! I could definitely say you won’t regret it. If you may have watched both their videos, one could tell they offer best educational materials and handbooks included in their box.

      Wish you all the best! 

  2. Very interesting, I don’t think there is enough of this today in the kid’s education programs. I love how STEM combines all the subjects together and teaches in a practical way.

    I can definitely see the value in Groovy Lab, would make for a good X-mas present for the kids, well done.

    1. Thank you for reading the article and for your comment. I appreciate your time and your encouragement.

      By writing this post, my aim was to help all of our parents including my own close relatives and family to put more effort on baby’s early learning by exposing them to the very basic concepts and ideas of STEM education. We could do so through simple, little and cute books for babies when they are baby and as they grow, these kind of educative programs like Groovy Lab in a box is a very good choice to enhance their learning. 

      Kind regards,


  3. As the grandmother (and caregiver) to a 4-year-old girl, I’m so happy to hear about this program!  The ability to problem-solve using methods learned in the STEM system is something children should learn from a young age.  I like the fact that this box contains fun learning materials that make this a playtime activity instead of “school” because it will make them eager to see the box come. eager to get started on their project!  This learned ability to see a challenge as fun instead of a chore will always benefit them in the years to come.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and your time in reading it. I appreciate your shared experience. It clarifies even more these concepts to all of us (mothers). Very true about the fact of seeing a chore as fun instead of challenge. If they adapt these things in an early age, they may face less difficulties during their late school times.

      Thank you so much for shedding more light to the topic.

      Best regards,


  4. All my life as a parent I have never heard of stem learning and that is why this article got the better part of me due to the fact that it taught me what stem was as well. I shared it with my family and friends who are parents as well and they loved it so much. Really a masterpiece. Well done

  5. Well done for highlighting what I believe is a crucial part of a child’s leaning whilst growing up. STEM learning is quite a new concept and where I live the local military personnel carry out STEM training in the local schools. This is because science is not pushed enough at an early age. By getting a child interested in STEM it will take he or she away from the too easy road of playing on a tablet or phone. This unfortunately is the way many parents go as it’s an easy way to keep them quiet. (Just look around you in local restaurants). If you introduce them to STEM they have a whole new world to discover which will possibly lead them down a great career path in the future.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through the article. I agree about the fact that STEM education is way more important during early ages than introducing them to the tablet or phone which are harmful to their eyes and worsens hyper activeness. Therefore, children with ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity) should definitely not be given more of screen time. Instead they should be engaged more in educational activities, same as the one which Groovy Lab in a Box offers and teaches.

      Kind regards,


  6. What a brilliant subject to write about, because it involves real life and our childrens education.

    As you rightly point out, all four factors are probably the only factors which they will need to use and be part of not just now, but for life.

    The better educated they are early on, then the better chance they have moving forward, be it through a job career or better still down the self employed route, because thinking about it, technolgy and science are good careers for entrepreneurs to have and areas which they will never be without work in.

    I’ve not experienced this Groove Lab before, but can certainly see where it would play a part and this products seems to offer many great benefits.

    1. Thank you for your time and your comment.

      I absolutely agree with you! STEM education is one of the most essential subjects of the students and our children in their early ages. The earlier, the better. 

      Thank you for reading!

      Kind regards,


  7. I have heard of STEM education before and I love what these boxes have to offer. Are they apt for different age groups? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathemathics are important concepts to learn, and especially now that children have to learn at home and are missing out on lab classes ( I can hardly imagine them being taught online …) those STEM boxes will come in very handy. They could be used as extracurricular activities, for example.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment and for reading the article. 

      Yes, they do have different activities for different age groups. All the boxes come along with an instructional notebook where they can read and at the same time are able to perform the experiment. Through the detailed instructions in the notebooks / work book and also through their video clips, students are able to perform their experiments.

      Kind regards,


  8. I believe that while it is good for kids to have fun they should be getting educated or learning at the same time and what better way to ensure this than by educating or providing your kids with learning tools helping them to think and to exercise their brainpower. I believe that every parent should invest in these types of devices to increase their child’s mental power which I think is pretty amazing.

    1. Thank you very much for your time in reading the article and for your comment. I appreciate your positive input through comment to this article. Yes definitely! You’re right. I agree with you. 

      Early education in children is like an ever- precious gift which never loses its worth.

      Kind regards,


  9. I love this! STEM education is amazing. This is the first time I have heard about this. Usually, I only hear about robotics classes for children as a form of enrichment. I totally like the idea of combining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics which combines multiple disciplines into one. This is what children really need to learn in school and not as separate subjects, though I am not sure if certain schools are moving in that direction or not. Thanks for sharing this. I have checked out the website and understand it ships internationally, which is great.  

  10. While I would never ignore the experiences about finance, history which offers you lessons learned, economics in ones life as kids: I often wondered why STEM for everyone?

    I was always encouraged to learn math. Science and engineering when I was growing up. The literature, the languages were never talked about at home.

    In fact I loved science experiments conducted at school and eventually I choose chemistry because I truly enjoyed.

    Now I wish these STEM educational toys would have been available them.

    Here is how the child will learn more:

    1, Create an home environment where kids learn what they are using on daily basis. Query them appropriately and let them find the answer and you help them.

    2. I have seen moms setting attending Meetings at the national Level and bring back knowledge to the kids.

    3. Let them read through science news and comprehend.

    4. I remember dissecting a frog to learn about mammalian organs at home and found joy.

    5. Let them read the biography of great scientist.

    6. They live, dream and breath the subject.

  11. I really appreciate content above. Such an informative and impressive format. I agree that STEM education and Learning are deadly match in these days. It connect both students and tools with critical thinking, problem solving, something creative.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and for your time in going through my content. I really appreciate your kind words.

      I do really thank you for revisiting again, as much as you like. You are welcome to my website.

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