All about Teething:

Teething period could start normally at the ages of 6 months but it hugely differs from one baby to the other. There is no fix prediction time we could tell exactly when you expect seeing your baby’s teeth. However, if you are well aware of all the symptoms of teething, you could know that your baby’s teething period is sometimes very closer.

Symptoms of Teething:

Below are symptoms of teething and possible solutions to help prevent teething pain and discomforts.

  • Drooling:

One of the most popular sign is when there is water coming out of your baby’s mouth which is called drooling. Some babies could have a little drooling while some can have more, as it is different in each baby.

Cleaning with a cotton, soft and clean tissue could help keep your baby’s chin dry.

  • Chapping:

Drooling could cause lip chapping in babies. Drying or numbing your baby’s mouth can help from time to time.

The more you pay attention towards keeping it clean and dry, the healthier your baby’s lips will look. Sometimes Vaseline could help in faster healing of the cracking or chapping lips.

  • Chaffing:

Chaffing could cause rubbing which then may result in sore in baby’s chin, upper, nick and upper chest area if not dried regularly.

Again, the possible solution for chaffing is to keep all the mentioned areas dried and clean at all times.

  • Roughness:

Your baby’s skin could get rough if lift wet or if not dried softly. Therefore, make sure to keep it clean, do so with a soft cloth. Make sure to use a disinfected and clean one.

  • Redness:

You could notice redness in your baby’s chin due to non-stop drooling and cleaning it.

From time to time after cleaning, it is ideal to use a little amount of Vaseline and rub it softly and carefully around the nick and chin areas.

  • Rashes:

Drooling could also cause rashes in baby’s skin, specially around the nick and chin areas.

It is ideal to seek your doctor’s advice before putting anything for the rashes due to allergies and other possible causes.

  • Crankiness:

Your baby might feel cranky and you might notice some changes in their mood.

You could comfort them to calm them down but avoid walking around with them because this habit will remain in them for even after and will cause you more sleepless nights.

  • Irritability:

Your baby could get irritated very easily as they feel and experience some pain which makes them really uncomfortable.

Unfortunately we can not do more to calm their irritation except for comforting, being there beside and talk to them in a soft voice, we can try singing lala bye sometimes it helps.

  • Crying:

Your baby could be crying more likely than normal and usual times due to swollen and painful gums.

You could offer them some toys and create a playful environment so that their attention should be grasped by the toys rather than you more trying to comfort and calm them down.

  • Temperature:

Your baby could have a temperature depending on each baby, some have low temperature and some have higher. Normally they have around 100 degree (F) and or 38 degree (C). It is normal during teething period and there might be no need of any medication but if you choose to offer one, you would have to give the one recommended by your baby’s Pediatrician. Sometimes Motrin, Ibuprofen, children’s Tylenol, Acetaminophen and Advil for children could help but again it is ideal to have it prescribed by a doctor or Pediatrician.

  • Fussiness while feeding:

They become fussy feeders, they will cry while breast feeding because of the inflammation on their gums and painfulness.

You could wash their teething rings and place them in the cold water. Chewing those toys (if cold) can help in melting faster their gums and could result in faster growth of their teeth and also help in relieving the inflammation.

  • Frustration:

They will get frustrated very easily because of the pain, discomfort and irritation of the skin.

  • Difficulty in suction:

Your baby may face some difficulty in suction of suckling (While breast feeding). Offering a little cold water could help and sometimes putting wet cloth on their gums could help too.

  • Sore in gums:

Suction causes more sore in the gums of your baby. Massaging the gums with your clean fingers could help.

  • Inflammation:

It causes inflammation and pain in gums and bothersome for hours during the night.

  • Trouble sleeping:

your baby could have trouble sleeping at night due to all kinds of pain and sufferings.

  • Feeding:

Avoid nighttime feeding and rocking the baby as those habits could continue long time after teething period.


Some babies could have diarrhea which is also one of the possible symptoms of teething. We have to insure keeping them clean by changing diapers as soon as we notice. If you are breastfeeding, you could try eating foods which help with diarrhea for example Rice with chicken, Bread with all your meals, Pasta, Banana and avocado. However, if you notice more and more loss of liquid which you think should be taken care, you could seek your Pediatrist’s help. Sometimes more loss of water from your baby’s body could lead to dehydration due to loss or lack of potassium.

Rubbing ears and cheeks:

Your baby may rub more often his ears and cheeks that’s because gums, ears and cheeks shares nerve pathways. That’s why an ache in the gums can affect elsewhere. Sometimes it is confusing to differentiate between ear infection and ear yanking and cheek rubbing caused by teething. In this case we need to refer to a Pediatrician.

Teething Growth Order:

Lower, Incisor 6 – 10 months

Upper, Central Incisor 8 – 12 months

Upper, Lateral Incisor 9 – 13 months

Lower, Incisor 10 – 16 months

Upper, First Molar 13 – 19 months

Lower, Molar 14 – 18 months

Upper, Canine 16 – 22 months

Lower, Canine 17 – 23 months

Lower, Molar 23 – 31 months

Upper, Second Molar 25 – 33 months

Calcium Rich Foods and their Results in Faster growth of your baby’s teeth:

Most babies get their first teething at about five to six months old. Although, teething varies from one child to others as the calcium level in each baby’s body is different. It depends on how high the mother’s calcium level was during the pregnancy as well as breast feeding period.

Mother’s pregnancy period is the most critical time when it comes to your baby’s health and the level of calcium in mother’s body. Your baby’s vertebral column, their skull along with their body’s bone structures are in need of calcium for better and normal formation.

Same as during your breastfeeding period, your baby takes the amount of calcium which is needed for their normal growth through your breast milk. Faster and better growth of your baby depends on how healthy you eat and how healthy you are. Their calcium needs along with all the other necessary vitamins can be fulfilled much better by mother’s milk.

Doctors and nurses insist a lot on breastfeeding rather than offering formula milk to your baby due to all the natural and huge benefits that mother’s milk has. It depends on your choice as well, how you feel and if you are no more overwhelmed. Sometimes those mothers whose babies are born through C section, have difficulty to move due to the wound, pain and exhaustion. In this situation until you get better and be able to start breast feeding, you could always start with the formula milk just so your baby stays hydrated. The first 3 days you would have to feed every 15 to 20 minutes so that their stomach gets cleared with all the black stool stored in their stomach during your pregnancy. The faster it clears out, better it is for your baby’s health. Before we go any further with the breast feeding period, I would like to just mention a few basic foods which are high in Calcium.

Below listed Foods help your body in the high intake of calcium:

  • Milk ( buy the one with additional vitamin D in it and low in the fat percentage)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Sea foods
  • Sardine Fish with small soft bones inside, ( is served with the bones, do not separate the bones!)
  • Dark green vegetables are high in calcium. (the darker the color is, the higher it is in calcium)
  • Almonds and all kinds of nuts
  • All kinds of dairy products
  • Beans ( all kinds)

Milk insufficiency causes in increase of Jaundice and Hemoglobin level:

The first 3 days of your baby’s life depends very critically on feeding them more often possible. If the mother’s milk doesn’t flow good and if the baby will be lift hungry for a few hours, there are possibilities of increase in their belly Rubin. If the baby has a history of Jaundice, he could get worse because increase in belly Rubin causes increase of Jaundice. This would be the worse situation you would ever imagine when offering milk your baby but due to his Jaundice he can not open his poor little eyes and is not able to drink well because he feels very sleepy. Like having yellow skin color, being sleepy is also one of the symptoms of Jaundice.

Babies who have a history of Jaundice also may suffer from low hemoglobin level. Those who have low hemoglobin level, have lower red blood cells. If your baby’s skin is all yellow, specially the white parts of their eyes; know that they have Jaundice. The more their skin color and eye color is yellow, the worse their Jaundice level is. In this case you would have to feed them as much as possible because frequent urination and clearance of stool of the baby can help decrease their Jaundice level. When they will have a balanced hemoglobin level, their red blood cells level will also be balanced.

If your baby is suffering from low hemoglobin level, you could serve more often red meats and all sorts of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Jaundice has no cure by any medication. The only way you could cure it is through your breast milk or if you are bottle feeding, through the bottle milk.

Do not serve fried meats and any other fried foods with too much oil, when your baby is suffering from Jaundice. Drink as much as you can and serve all kinds of healthy foods. Avoid eating unhealthy all the time. The more healthy you eat and drink the faster your baby will recover from Jaundice.

Carefully selection of Teething Rings:

No matter how hard your baby’s teething period will be, always try to engage them with some teething rings so that they could bite them. By biting, they get the satisfaction of biting things and they absolutely need to bite as they exercise their jaws to become stronger day by day and finally will be ready to chew solid foods.

It is ideal to have a collection of varieties so that the baby could grab the ones that pleases them. You need to pay attention while selecting your baby’s teething ring. Check the label at the back of the envelope and choose the ones which are BPA free because BPA causes a delay in growth of your baby as it affects their growth hormones.

Always go with the ones which have no gel or water filled inside. You might have seen that some plastic ones with gel or water inside. I have attached a link on top of this page regarding the doctor’s feedback for the selection of teething rings. The link says possible solutions to help prevent teething pain and discomforts. It is in blue bold letters.

I have come up with some amazing keywords to unlock the Best BPA Free teething rings which I would like to share with you. Please check these out and see if you like them.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission off purchases, at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure here. Thank you for supporting the work I put on this site!”

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  • Please note -Babies should always be supervised while playing with adult and be never left alone. If the products was damaged, discard immediately as this may become a potential choking hazard.

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  • Designed for Baby: When you find that your baby starts to suck his fingers and chew toys, you can try to give your baby this toy that can exercise gums. Not only protects the baby’s gums, but also exercises the baby’s grasping ability. It can effectively help babies solve their bad habits of biting their fingers, and accompany the baby throughout the oral sensitivity period.
  • Baby Safety: Teething toys made of food-grade silicone, completely safe for newborns, flexible, non toxic, bite resistant, massage the gums, relieve teething discomfort.
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  • Adjustable Wristband: This baby teether with wrist strap design can help babies hold it more easily. Just adjust the buckle to the proper position of the wrist, and then fix the buckle and hold it in the hand.
  • Easy Care: Before and after use, it needs to be washed with warm soapy water or boiled for disinfection, and then placed in a ventilated and cool place before use. Temperature higher than 180 ℃ is likely to cause the material damage.

In this content I have gone through the whole teething process along with all the possible solutions in order to help you in better managing your baby’s teething period.

I had also gone through the necessary aspects of breast feeding and what challenges we face more commonly during this period. If you are a parent who already have kids, you might know most of these staffs but if you are a new parent who is expecting your first child it may be useful for you. I had the same issues before the birth of my children. I did not study in the health domain but what I did was tons of research and study due to which I now know what I am trying to deliver to people. Experience is also something really advantageous for sure which luckily I have as I am a mother of two since 14 years now. Hoping that my experience will be of people’s benefit through this website.

Yeah, for the teething products; I studied and selected the one’s which were BPA free and with no gel or liquid filled in it.

I hope I have delivered some quality information through this content and I deeply wish it would be useful for you and fulfill your needs. If you do like it, please leave some comments below. We would be very happy to hear from you.






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    Teething period for babies depend, it can’t be predicted but usually it occurs around 6 months for some babies. While some even start teething before 6 months. 

    When your baby start teething there are symptoms that will make you know this, as a parent. Some babies depend a lot on their toys to scratch their gums.

    Thanks for your article.


    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Aluko,

      Thank you for your time in reading the article. Yes teething period DO differ from one baby to the other. As a parent, it is our duty to be aware of their needs. We should put some cold compress in case they have fever. In worse cases, we could offer them Tylenol for kids.

      We could provide them with a variety of good quality (BPA free) teethers to keep their biting feelings fulfilled and also keep them engaged in a playful and positive way. Doing so will avoid all kinds of frustrations and stress because of their crying due to pain and teething discomfort.

      You’re most welcome!


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    Danie Bello

    I appreciate this useful information, this article has just change my mindset concerning this particular topic, that has been a serious uncertainty to me, am glad to have come across this website I hope to learn much more from you as relates to this particular topic, won’t take every useful information you share for granted, because I know that it’s not enough to just read a topic and be wowed but to be able to key in is equally ver much important.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found the article useful. Sure, we refer to all kinds of resources when it comes to the health and wellness of our little ones. I am glad it helped you in some level, in finding the information you needed or looking for.

      Having more information about choosing the right teethers helps a lot during those period.

  12. Saint Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this amazing and wonderful post about children and a wonderful stage of there life which is teething, a lot of mums have issues and get restless when there children is teething because they don’t know the symptoms and starts feeling the child needs urgent med care, but this as help to know what to watch out for.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment Saint. I truly appreciate your time in going through this article. I am glad you found it helpful. Sure, I agree about the fact that Mums we are very worrisome at this period. If we follow the tips I shared in the article and if we engage them with a good variety of BPA free teether’s it will help them. 

  13. roprimixz Avatar

    Hello there, 

    To be honest, I must admit that I have been coming across you articles of recent and I find them very entertaining. Great job you did here on teething. I have read numerous blogs & articles but I haven’t heard about this, I love these topics about babies. 

    I wish all the women in the world have such opportunity to see this. Very indigenous! Thank you for sharing this, I am off to share this right away.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello Roprimix,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through this article. Thank you for sharing as well. I really appreciate that. I am glad you liked it and found it helpful. I am glad it offered you something new.

      Teething time is fun for babies when they are kept engaged with good quality teethers and some other educational toys.

  14. Harry Avatar

    Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your  review as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of. I personally do not know anything about baby teeth and when they occur, with this I have been educated now on that basis, thanks for sharing.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hello there,

      Thank you so much for reading through the article. I am glad you found it useful and educative. That is normal not to know about baby teething prior to having a baby. My aim, by this article was to offer help for those who are either new parents or seeking towards this journey.

      It is a pretty tough time for our little ones but it could be made fun by engaging them with good quality (BPA) free teethers as well as good variety of educative toys to keep them busy. If they are kept busy and if they have fun, they will feel less pain while playing.



  15. Bogadi Avatar

    Wow. this is an informative and detailed article. Blessed are the mothers who will read this article before their kids reach a teething stage. I really wish I read this many moons back. I guessed my way through my kids teething periods with very little information I received from elders. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Hey Bogadi,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your time and your kind words. Well you are blessed now too my dear. Thank you it means a world to me. 

      Teething periods are fun when our babies are provided with a variety of good quality teethers and educative toys to keep them engaged.

      Kind regards to you,


  16. Ann Avatar

    I have noticed redness in our baby’s chin. And I was really worried at the first, but then my husband told me that his mom had explained to him on the phone that it was probably because our little Earl will soon have a nice pair of white little teeth. I am so excited. I never imagined we would get here so soon.

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your time in going through it. 

      I am glad this will offer you more helpful tips for teething. 

      Wish you best of luck with your little baby and my heart felt congratulations.

  17. Lizzyben Avatar

    Hi again! This is another very detailed information coming from you on teething. When I gave birth to my first child, teething period was one of the difficult periods for me but I’ve gotten used to it now and it’s become easy. The tips you’ve given here would help young mothers and make it easy for them. I’ll do my part by sharing this and I must commend your effort for doing this. Thank you. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your time in reading through the article. I appreciate you on sharing it. 

      Sure, my objective by creating this article was to be helpful for all parents. Specially for young or new ones.

  18. Aparna Avatar


    This is such a favorite topic of discussion for all Moms around the world. Their baby’s teething. What’s so big deal about it, I just haven’t figured out yet. My baby started teething late and there was unwanted advice being given to me all the time. 

    That said, teething is a big deal for the baby. And u have explained all the problems associated with teething really well. Thank u for this most informative article on such a popular topic. 



    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your time in going through the article. 

      I am glad you over come those periods. I absolutely agree with you. People are sometimes too much. 

      Thank you so much! I am deeply happy about the fact that you found the article the most useful of all. It really is a huge accomplishment for me.

      Wish you the very best of luck!



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    I like your post it is very informative. I am a mum to be and I am alone in this new city. So, I am trying to get all the knowledge possible on the subject. And your post is the most helpful for the teething stage of a baby. I will bookmark your post for future use.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Meena Avatar

      OOhhh, congratulations on your journey of parenting! 

      I am very happy for you! I really am grateful and happy about the fact that you found the article useful and you have considered it for a future reference as well. 

      For a researcher and writer, there would be nothing more important than offering help by providing them with the useful resources and valid information. 

      I feel sorry about the fact that you are alone in a new city. If ever you needed to talk with somebody, do know that you can count on me to talk to. I will be happy in being any of your help. 

  20. LineCowley Avatar

    Getting teeth can be a very distressing time for a baby and the parents, specially if it is there first baby. There are many symptoms associated with teething and not all babies have all the symptoms, so some parents might not realize that symptoms like diarrhea, could be associated with teething. When my babies were teething, we didn’t have the choice available to soothe them, but I did find that if I gave them something cold to suck on, that it helped. 

    1. Meena Avatar

      Thank you so much for your time and for your comment. I appreciate you!

      I agree with you about the cold. Yeah putting their teethers in a colder water, to get cold and then offer the baby to bite will relieve them. The water should not be that cold to make them catch a cold. 

      You did it very will at your time and thank you for offering your experience with the rest of parents who are probably seeking for help. Your experience would be of a great help for the rest. 

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